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Lunar Barracks

Lunar Barracks is governed by a senate of elected representatives, led by a male tigerdragon named Masako Delphinium.   The Fortress town have a symbol of a silver shield that have 2 arrows pointing upwards and meeting at their tips, their symbol of the oppression for invasive deities.   A Border Fortress between Vast Wastelands and Gaia, The land between is splatted up on 10 small islands in a big circle of cliffs and deserts lands and is called Black Lunar Road Mireroad, There was a dry land long time ago, even farms and housing for elven specie the starseeds, but only two of them survived a big wave and land shift.   Noteable places:   A tall obelisk of polished stone, placed to honor Mother of Moons.   The Jovial Harper: A grand tigerdragon inn, built within what was once a sailing ship. which serves only the popular tigerdragon rum.   The Shrine of Zetana: A stone niche enshrining the holy symbol of Zetana, Goddess of Travel, surrounded by a neglected garden.   Joane's Armory: A large armorer's workshop, decorated with a collection of shields from many kingdoms. Joane Sylyra: Male Elf Druid, Neutral. Joane is short, with brown hair and large gray eyes. He wears leather armor and wields a club and darts. Joane is searching for his lost sister Telly.   Shieldhome: A single storey timber and brick building, the home of a female Zanina Sylyra cleric named Its walls are covered with shields, said to be those of the warriors slain by the dragon Mana. It is also said that the dragon's hoard still lies buried beneath the building. Zanina is the second sister of Joana and Telly.   The Scoundrel and Scroll: The shop is a three-storey tower of finely carved stone, with several leaded glass windows and a tiled mosaic floor in the middle, representing the triple moon and three stars around it. It is well lit by glowing gemstones set into the ceiling. Sylrana The Writing hands: heavyset female half-elven tigerdragon, She has a long face with high cheekbones, extremely long braided golden hair and dark red pupil less eyes. She wears modest garments and a silver holy symbol She is particularly interested in tomes and scrolls of summoning. She only accepts payment in silver coins and She is a retired adventurer, They keeps a collection of exotic coins and trinkets.

Alternative Name(s)
Moon Barracks, Two Arrows of Xena, White Raven's Town

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