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Lightworkers Scepter

Lightworkers Scepter   The scepter have huge glowing crystal quartz with prismatic phantoms within, The gold staff-scepter grabbed by a bird-like, dragon, long talons with blue opalite shimmering scales and runes of the shaft on other side, where it is hold is the pale leather straps.   Heavy Weapon, Two-Handed, Sentient, Attuneable by Clerics and Paladins Gains: +5 INT and WIS - +2 to all saves Psychic resistances. You gain 20 hit points a day for resisting any other magical damage. Only 5 times a day: Resurrection, Re-channeling Energy(heal up to 20 hit points) and Light Soothing Presence: 3 times a day, you feel light in another's hand as your aura becomes radiant 15 ft - dim light 30 ft , everyone around in your light radius soothes and feels safe. Soulgate: Once a day you can enter Plane of Life or Plane of Death to escape, depending on your alignment Might Ethereal Light: (1 per long rest): Smite everyone in 50 ft in radius of one target you locked on for 5d20 radiant damage.   It feels light, even though it is made of gold and it will be very kind to its holder. feminine voice comes from within and gives small clues to how be polite and good, if not evil.    
    • Significance: Cultural
    • Item type: Magical
    • Rarity: Legendary
    • Weight: 5
    • Dimensions: 100x30m
    • Base Price: 40.8000 gp
    • Raw materials & Components: 2 ingots of gold, 4 ingots of steel and tigerdragon rune-metal called 'Rakchatta' , 4x pure quartz, 1x diamond and opalite and Arcane dust
  • Tools: Jeweler tools, Blacksmith tools

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