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Light Tree City

Light Tree City In the heart of Gaia, a huge crystallized tree resembling a willow, bonsai and pine. Massive crystals raised from the ground around, radiance is shining through the whole city. as well the forests of crystal trees underground, Tora's own creation of dangerous fruits.  

    • History - In the creation of lands and sea, the three sister made a island called 'Gaia' , the start of a new era. The Tree of Beginning is birth place of Tigerdragons, Gemholders keeps it sacred for every mother, children and new life. Its Radiance can be seen across the whole island, the aurora is a blessing a throughout the spires of darken stars. before the invasion, Alula's tree was mostly her home base. a peaceful aura that lit up the darkest of hearts. She made various of life forms out of her crystals and light magic, til one day she mastered a new ability, dream walking. her own reality and real life melted into one mess, paranoia took over and she thought at all time she were in danger, she wanted to protect everyone, so she made her light further out, new type of magic into the crystal, mysterious force comes from deep within the tree itself, the huge prismatic light crystal that rotates in her throne room is the source of all psychic energies in the realm, it is something that the far realm illithid wants their hands on, extremely strong psychic energy.
The group have 5 leaders for each class: The Light Cleric, Devotion Paladin, Sun Soul Monk and a Rogue who specialize in Shard Moon powers.  
    • Cleric Geek, Water Genasi named Beck, Soft and well spoken with her helping nature, she leads the clerics.
    • Paladin guardian, Human-like Aarakocra named Cicer, Stern and Understanding, likes optimism among hes team, always helping he's fellow leaders.
    • Mystic Monk, Kalashtar named Axialari , A hard leader, her brute force well meaning as her beauty among the monks of the temple.
    • Druid archivist, High elf named Shirniri,Thrust worthy, calm and collected, orderly, he loves making puzzle boxes as a hobby.
    • Rogue Shard Moon member, Shardmind named Ruatani, Wise, level headed and keeper of the leaders, giving mostly the last word to everyone and loves the city as a whole.
Celestial Moon Ward The south arch and alley of moon light, as well commoners ward, a 10ft gigantic sword is stuck into the ground, it is said to belong to Tundra.    
    • The Garden of Tundra
A jade patch of grass is flanked by rare flower bushes and shrubs. A greenhouse stands in the front of the garden, housing a whole range of different life forms. The flowers and plants are pretty much overgrown, taken over by the other, bigger plants; they're giving off a plethora of scents. The flower bushes and shrubs reach 1.5m/5ft high, but they won't grow much taller than this. Here and there lies a stepping stone, presenting visitors with an elegant way of discovering the garden. Vines and roots playfully creep and crawl their way through the gardens, eager to expand their foothold beyond the locations given to them. The greenhouse claims all the glory within the garden as it outshines all others. The flowers and plants are surely a sight to behold, and the flower bushes and shrubs are eye catching in their own right, but the rest will just always be eclipsed by the greenhouse.    
    • The Celestial Church:
Mind Of Alula A specialized group of people selected to keep watch over the city, they will come to serve and help when there's serious problems. Oath of Mind Eyes -I serve as a watcher -I will never leave a guest unattended, not matter situation -I will not talk when not asked questions House of Shard Moon, a five storey stone and oak wood building with a stone garden famous for it shimmering moon flower bushes.   -Shard Moon Council- Are a spy group who are working in the underdark of Alula's City, they offer their sight in devotion of enlightenment and knowledge. The Leder is a warlock named 'Roher Chronos' a Aasimar. Every follower of Shard Moon Pact have to do following: Set a bowl of arcane water and pray when Re'chaka Moon full and new moon.     Gate of Light Ward   Guild House: metallic dragon - steel dragon - Kozzentet The Wyrm Steel Dragon Kozzentet is one of the elders advisory for Alula.  
    • The Cracked Flask:
An elegant elven inn, built atop an outcrop of hewn and rune-carved stone The Old Courthouse: An ornate elven wood and brick building, filled with busy magistrates and advocates. Sphinx - kimmiru A mysterious sphinx holding some strange treasure of the goddesses as well love making mazes and challenges for unsuspected adventurers.  
    • The Kindling Flower Tavern:
Once was a children hospital, now a tavern with various rooms, high standard and heavily guarded. A place for light-hearted activities, Innkeeper is a Aarakocra from the plane of Arcadia. A collection of fine tapestries hangs on the walls. Accomodations consist of several large rooms with beds and feather mattresses.   Gate Feather Ward The north arch of entrance into the metropolis, it is enchanted with bright prismatic light orbs.   The Pool of Radiance: A small pool of water, which glows with a flickering blue light.   Broken Arrow Kin: A large adventurer's inn, kept by a sphinx named Nina.   Starseeds Woodwork: The workshop of a female starseed woodcarver named Eriac, known for her staves and wands, favored by the Astrologers Guild.   Nud, Research Center Of The Verification Of Carpology (Study Of Fruit) is a two-storey white-stone building, with unusually high ceilings. It was once a barracks, and has a collection of arms and armor.  
    • The Guildhall of Lanterns:
A grand white stone and reinforced elven wood building, decorated with pale crystallized lanterns and brightly dyed pennons. It contains a large meeting hall and several smaller rooms, and is shared among several local trade guilds.   Stables of Pegasi Looks like a ruined fort and have a bell tower in the middle that the stable ower home is, two-storey timber and brick building, with a small walled yard and plant garden. Owner: Tiger dragon of common class, Roqine Art Journeysable, 300 years old, retired alchemist, and keeps a well-used mace at her belt.   The Runecarvers Guild House: A two-storey tower of conjured stone, decorated with stained glass windows.   The Nest of Enlightenment -   A portal of pure radiant crystal shards, heavily guarded by eight selected paladins.   Light Orb Ward   The Diviners Guild Hall: A three-storey tower hewn from an outcrop of crystal, decorated with wards against demons.   The Spellweavers Guild Hall: A three-storey tower of living wood, It contains a large meeting hall and several tiny rooms and a huge statue of Orchid, and is shared among several local merchant guilds.   A broken column of polished stone and gemstone, meeting place for the guilds and adventurers.   Casci's Smithy: The workshop of a male elf blacksmith named Casci, who is rumored to possess a small hoard of meteoric iron. Crane District An obelisk of rough-hewn stone, which glows with magical light upon the night of the full moon.     The Oculus of Night: A dome with a circular opening at its center, supported by a ring of caryatid columns. The sky seen through the oculus is perpetually dark, marked by strange constellations of stars.   The Rampant Unicorn: A fine established dwarven inn, brightly lit by magical candles and crystal chandeliers. known for its many secret doors and passages.     The Hall of Dreams: A grand stone-walled theater, said to be built upon the ground where a romantic noble couple was betrayed and murdered.   The Butterfly Wing Guild Hall: An ornate building of stone walls, once an aristocrat's manor. It contains a large meeting hall and several smaller rooms, and is shared amongst several local merchant guild and the home and personal library of a female elf sage. She specializes in the study of the natural and fey worlds.  
    • The Guardian Tree
Little outside the city inner walls lay a castle called the Guardian Tree, it is say to belong to Xena and her followers.   Seven narrow, round towers surround the castle in almost a perfect circle around this incredible castle and are connected by large, wide walls made of light blue and marbled stone. Crude windows are scattered here and there across the walls in a seemingly random pattern, along with symmetric crenelations for archers and artillery.     Remnants of broken siege engines, swords and shields litter the fields outside, a painful reminder of a past war. This castle has been improved and improved over the ages, some parts of the castle are clearly newer than others, the inhabitants are determined to keep their castle as modern as possible.   Lush fields of crops surround the castle walls and provides the inhabitants with food all year round. This castle has clearly been around for at least a thousand years, it is however light up with bioluminescent creatues, adding to the atmosphere of the castle, the rocks of the walls are aged and vines and plants grow inside the cracks, but this castle will last for ages to come.  
    • Three-Winged Monument Alley
In a civic ward, surrounded by well-lit alley and grand monuments. It stands adjacent to a large public garden. It stands next to a magical, ornate fountain of three winged angelic female with antlers-liked horns and water coming out of her hands and hollowed-eyes kind of statue. A crystal hovering behind her back. People who lives near the Guardian Tree and this statue are commoners and travelers guardian.   In a small Back alley there's a secret cafe for all adventurers. The Taunting Owl , The inn is a two-storey half-timbered building, with unusually high ceilings. A collection of tankards from many lands sits upon a shelf. Accomodations consist of a single large room with wooden cots and a mezzanine with row of several wooden bunk beds with a thin mattress and wool blanket, only a few barmaids who making sure things alright.   The innkeeper is a small willow half-elven female named: Kathel Horseluck, She's exceptionally beautiful, with straight blonde hair and gray eyes, She wears commoner pale yellow raiment with symbol of a phoenix, around her neck is a amulet of luminous crystal, and around her waist is a belt sling of vials and potions.   Autumn Falls A Garden Near the Guardian Tree and Three-Winged Monument Alley, The forest was endless, dense, and blooming. Its canopy was ruled by Emerald Gleaming Trees of hemlock, dogwood, and oak, who left just enough light for bright ferns to reign the moss covered grounds below. Curling vines drooped from a couple of trees, and a mishmash of flowers, which clung to any space they could find, caught attention in the otherwise jade backdrop.    
    • Defences
raised towers with archers and ballistic cannons, Runed walls and radiant magic, as well magic wielding and heavy armored paladins and clerics
    • Guilds and Factions
Mind Eyes of Alula, Light Paladins, Shard Moon Council, Light Vision Guild, Kinderling Workers and Mystics of Underlight
    • Population
    • Owner/Ruler
Deity Alula
    • Related Professions
Warlock of Alula, The Mind Eyes Pact


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