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Light Tigerdragon

    • '' The Tigerdragon have chosen the path of light in their youthling years instead of their elemental path, after seeking out the enlightenment of the solitude week.They began drawing the powers of the arcane from the pure celestial light. They altered their energy and desired it purest form and became a Light Tigerdragon. ''
    • Prism Seekers
    • Can only take this at level 5, can no longer take any other tigerdragon elemental spells or attacks.
    • Absorb elements, Elemental Bane (once every long rest)
    • Tigerdragon's elemental attacks become white and shimmering light, no more colors
    • light 2 spells / each forth level
    • Choose: force or radiance resistance
    • Light: Blistering Radiance, Celestial Brilliance, Handfire, Radiant Assault, Sunburst
    • Lightning: Electric Vengeance, Scintillating Sphere, Electric Jolt, Electric Orb, Thunderswarm
  • Healing: Warding Gems, Conduit of Life, Detoxify, Energetic Healing, Healing Spirit, Positive Energy Aura, Restoration

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