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Lesser Deity Hibiscea Eymadra

Hibiscea Eymadra is the goddess of Gardens, Woodlands. Work, Harvest and Farmers.  
  • Appearance
  • Her first appearance is a giant lushes tree with wild sprouts and flowers, white butterflies flying everywhere. a sunrise like creature with no apparent form reaching out her hands towards the person as well whisper words of wisdom and reasoning to save the forests, woodlands and jungles from vanishing. She gives them the charm of moss agate and a acceptance feeling.  
  • Abilities
  • She have powers to summon Rock Elemental, Shambling Mound, Ent and giant elk to do her defenses and have all druidic spells as well wizards spells. Her most powerful spell is the whole forest becomes alive and can with crushing amount make people trapped alive and suffocate under the rock and soil.  
  • History
  • A Human immigration farmer from the south of Faerun, young female, 16 years old with her family came to the lands after finding out its wonders and fertile lands, they took some time to learn about its dangers as well friending the natives of elven and tigerdragons.   She was one of those who embraced the changes from the crystals, she was accepting of the Tora's ever changing crystal forest, wild shaped into whatever pleased her and then became immune to it, she got so powerful and began experiment on both polymorph and how to make the better out of it, she wrote the books and potions about which plant did what, cultivated newer plants...   At the start of experimenting she changed into new forms, keeping it a secret for awhile as she undergoing some powerful mental changes, she was proud of herself and always found ways to change again and again. She told her closest about it and they couldn't believe their eyes in but the words where true as well herself, the loved ones accepted it as she found ways of changing back, but at that time she couldn't do it on herself, she didn't remember her own form, but she accepted herself.   She vanished before the second war started, her myth went on for centuries till it almost was forgotten, her prayers was rarely heard but some was determent for her come back.    
  • Druid Honor and Titles to followers -
  • Ashwalker, Guardians of Fire
  • Spirithealer, Healers of the woods
  • Woodwhispers, Guardian of Forest
  • -

    Divine Domains

    Farms, Agriculture, Harvest, Autumn, Jungle, Forest, Working, Fertile Lands

    Divine Symbols & Sigils

    A Tree in Moss Agate with gold wires around it, Gold Nuggets and Sun flower seeds

    Divine Classification
    Lesser Goddess
    Neutral Good
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Mother Greencrown, Tribune of the Crystal Woods, Mother of Woodlands, The Seer of Roots
    Pupil-less, Sunset Orange and Yellow, Brown and branchy colors
    Extremely Sleek Long, Pastel Pink
    40 kilo

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