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Hollow Edge

Hollow Edge The undead negative plane, these places are scattered with dark emotions and fears of a human's mind, the ones wander too long can be overcome with the paranoia to hopelessness. Densely misty forests to bloodstained plains of nothingness, a sky without any stars, a fortress without an future is just a few things to mention. undead and lost spirits wander and hunger for a fresh body and skeleton of long forgotten solider might be something to stumble upon. the locals are not better themselves as they subtly mention to not wander these places.     Lostpine Harbor At the west southen part of Hollow Edge lay a peaceful dark harbor, it is about 720 population and a trading place of exotic wares. In this town of human fishers, undead and elven archers from who knows where.   Lostpine Woods Dense obscuring fog lay thick over this place, huge towering pine trees darken the woods itself.   Darkblight Citadel This massive place once was a bright center part of the plane as it sunken down into the grounds and a blast of death magic killed all population. Now the place is ruins, undead and lost ones wandering place, underdark have a hidden tomb of love pair of liches.   Harlequin Grove A strange green glowing gorge of mushroom forest, it is highly poisonous place and spores might choke one to death.   Harlequin Harlot A small village that have only 3 families and a farm. a small group of folk named this place long time ago after a accident of summoning a gray jester. The Ravenwood Orchard of Alchemist Poison Siannodel makers comes from here.   Carnwater Domain The passage from Harlequin to Darkblight Citadel goes through a levitated huge bridge, as well a huge maelstrom portal to the Fury's Heart in the middle of the Lake. The Withered Bluff A mountain chain stretching from the Darkblight Citadel and joins with the Waterdwell Slopes, the mountain chambers a lot of fiendish and underdark creatures.   Waterdwell Slopes The frosty, snow covered mountain stretches out into the sea of The Domain of the Cobalt Might as well have a lot of underwater caves and tunnels.   The Ending Grotto At a well near the Harlequin Harlot, when venturing down there you find yourself near a massive runed black door.   The Mourning Caverns A huge cave place of a graveyard, massive bones of different dragons, animals and even whales laying here.   The Sanguine Emptiness The slow blowing red haze and endless vast lands stretching forever, lost and mad people wander in this emptiness. place feels hopeless the more time you spend here. Somewhere the Fortress Arachet'ta laying as it protected by the darkness of this emptiness.   Carnival of Darkness A large festive, murderous and blazing fire joyful laughter and spine-chilling screaming of a place, where a fearsome entity made it place.   Kapusree Isle A forgotten island close to the pole of icy Whitedwell lands, some migrating bird and reptiles species thrives here.   Blackdiac Haven A Lighthouse and a small village of humans, it is difficult to get to because of strong underwater currents.   The Lonely Islands These islands stretches as far to the Dark Forest and Everna, it is said that pirates chain up victims to these islands as soon the tidal waves might drown the poor ones.

Alternative Name(s)
Eternal Dark Plane, Land in the Mist, Reapers Land
Included Organizations
Greater Deity, Atar

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