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Greater Deity Naraku

The Trickster, A draconic high elven, dark energy from the abyssal and sitting on a throne of thorns and roses, drinking he's dark red wine and charming everyone that comes into he's view, coins falling out of your mouth as he curses you for proudful riches speech, the rain of poisonous belladonna, the women falling onto their knees in he's angelic presence.   Weapons
  • The Wind Surge, Solar Angelic Katana, controls the speed of attacks and defends him with wall of wind
  • The Dragonfly, Black Fallen Angel Katana, can trick and illusions and have 3 other spells attached to it.
  • Black Widow Spider, Dagger, super powerful venomous (Magic command: Serpent venom)
  • Black Lilith, Whip (45ft) , entangled, web and other strangling tricks, makes the foe emotional
  • The Soaring Swallows Yukata
  • (+1 Armor , +2 Dexterity and +3 Wisdom )
  • Have Blink, Teleportation and Alter Self
  • Cantrip Sacred Flame, True Strike, Prestidigitation, Vicious Mockery and Mage Hand
  • trinkets
  • The bronze amulet set with a scarred moonstone: Forsight
  • pendant of red stone engraved with a strange rune: Cloud Of Daggers
  • A tiny steel sword bent into the shape of a ring with a set of quartz, conjures a blade of force and cold (3d6 slashing, 2d4 cold damage, finesse, light) till it is canceled or ring taken off, can't use it again until you take a short rest.
  • A small divine Ornate Silver Mirror set with Alexandrite hanging on he's weapon belt - Three times a day: Clairvoyance, Arcane Eye, Scrying
  • A golden teardrop amulet inscribed with a divine - doubles your speed until you take a long rest.
  • Copper Earrings with black sapphires (can use three times a long rest) : Burning Hands, Chromatic Orb, Earth Tremor, Thunderwave, Witch Bolt, Darkness, Scorching Ray
  • Golden Armband with Chalcedony -Pushes all adjacent creatures thirty feet away from you twice a day. (attack roll, 6d6 force damage and 2d4 bludgeoning damage)
  • Slender shard of blue sapphire on a leather cord: grants you immunity to poison until you take a long rest.
  • The Naraku's Dairy book: This large libram is written in luminous scripts and gold ink bound by a fine chain. It is sealed by magic, and only a dragon can open it. An individual who reads this tome, which requires 50 hours over a minimum of 10 days
  • (only use each spell twice a day) Geas, Hold Monster, Modify Memory, Rary's Telepathic Bond, Mass Suggestion, Mental Prison, Programmed Illusion
  • A horn from an unknown creature: Slow (Once a day)
  • A key carved from the black bone of a displacer beast: Knock (Three times a day)
  •     He gives he's followers sometimes this stone: Clairvoyant's Stone: A polished shard of translucent red-yellow crystal. When held and activated, the cypher allows you to project your sight until you take a long rest. You can project your point of view up to 5ft feet in any direction, and through small openings such as a keyhole.   -

    Divine Domains

    Shadow, Poison, Trickery, Guilds, Thieves, Murder, Gamble, Banishment, Puzzles, Blood Hunt, Chains, Richness, Lust, Seductions, Sexual Relations

    Holy Books & Codes

    The Eyes Of Shadow

    Divine Symbols & Sigils

    Detailed Rose covered Cross of metal spikes with spider webs around it and a starry eye in the middle, Gold coins with a spider on a rose

    Tenets of Faith

    ' The Tricks May Be In The Shadows '   ' All Riches Scorching Me '   ' Poison Is Always In The Chalice '


    Whistle Blower Comet, Mists of Trickster's Day

    Physical Description

    Body Features

    Extremely long white hair, sharp, penetrating deep purple eyes, triangle face, skin tone is a fair white ivory, he have translucent black blue scales on he's upper arms, lower black somewhat upper spine and neck and lower legs, long finger nails in gray ivory and small fangs in the mouth. He have some scars on he's arms and left arm, burn mark at the right thigh.

    Identifying Characteristics

    The Trickster is tall, long limb, androgynous elven male, the hair long and white as snow, deep purple eyes, slender clawed finger nails with rings and anklets, most fashioned flamboyant styles and layers.

    Physical quirks

    He's right hand dominant, He walks a bit more feminine and posture is always in a dominant style

    Apparel & Accessories

    He have a open white kimono trench coat with he's symbol on and under dressed in black and red stylish long yukata with golden decoration of spider lilies and swallows, two long katana's hanging from he's three leather belts, have a few pouches on the back of the leather belts and a small bronze trinket in the front.

    Mental characteristics

    Personal history

    He coming from the Tegrena Family in the eastern Shaar, Thruldar and Beluir. They settled around these places for business of artisans. as well travelling to the Shadowfell, Born in the Faerun, Beluir and grown up moving around, Naraku was the oldest one of the siblings and quickly learned things.   He had Siannodel Mother: Hecilia Ace And Tagrena Father Aroc Spitejaws. They where both Necromancers and was mostly very cold and lot of lost hope. He had two sisters, Acira and Nyxie, They both was pretty playful and loved playing tricks on him, even though he saw through them everytime. The first cantrip he learned was Mage Hand and True Strike, after all he was most talented of the family. Avalorth came later as a small child, he was a white scaled elven dragon and very beautiful, Naraku despite all the attention he's little brother gotten as years went on. Later on He's sister Acira married someone a guy called Fenkas, Aroc conspired to kill him if the guy ever made he's daughter in anyway ill.   Half sisters Eleshandral Siannodel and Zeda is the true blood elven dragon is Naraku's family left by Fenkas, The others of the family, Shegal, Verotia and Avrazor went away by accidents and blood rituals. After he's first few attempt to get away, he was lock into a cloister for learning how to behave, least till he found out how to get around and make his way of seducing everyone there. He met up with Eleshandral and persuade her to make him escape, which turn out to finding out about the dark secret the family had.   Naraku was the one to leave the family when after discover its dark powers, he stole the gem the family found and took it with him to seal it away. he went through the Shadowfell to find somewhere he could seal it away as the met a giant old shadow dragon, he took appreciation for it and they asked each other great questions and he learned draconic language, a long enough time they were questioning their relationship and the dragon would not submit to the strange elves words, it would rather eat him. He became good friends with the dragon and the name was Voasul'Qirru, The Nocturnal. A female dragon made him extremely interested. Naraku had too keep charming and passionate speeches to the lady dragon, in a few years the dragon submitted their vows and love for Naraku and became he's beloved one.   He settled with the shadow dragon in the ruins of a old town, the lady dragon made a nest far below, Naraku stick to a plan of making it a very safe place. After a good amount of years passed by he met Hoku Umbra who was married to a younger lady of Siannodel's lineage, he made sure this male was not infected by the curse of the meteorite stone's infliction, as well became pretty good friends, Naraku charmed the Shadar Kai with it's words and promises as well some advice of how to do stuff.   Naraku couldn't settle in one place for too long and longing for the travel to new places again. he did travel around Fearun, Elemental Planes, some of the outer realms, Shadowfell and Faewild He found a very special portal to the far realm and discovered a world, The Dark Spires. He really grew found of this magical place and their strange and wonderful place of alien species, the place was never boredom to him but he quickly found a place he could explore and that was Hollow Edge.   He now had two sons, Aerel and Cain, shadow dragon bloodline and high elven bodies, they were idealistic and Naraku was proud of them. Voasul'Qirru gave them a blessing of the shadow powers and helped them discover new found powers as Naraku ruled the nomadic styles of travelling.   He found a group of shadow vampires and other night creatures, soon after established a fort nearby them, he named Darkblight Citadel, he ruled this place with grace. A charmer by many hearts, this is Naruku, a draconic elven, dark energy from the abyssal and sitting on a throne of thorns and roses, He however witnessed he's beloved shadow dragon being killed by adventurers and he did curse them with he's personal conjured up succubi and successfully they were to be in the abyss for a long time.   He made connections with the tigerdragon, specially the shadows and rogue-like ones, mostly made he's name through the aeons, he also came across crystals of powers and locked away cursed and dark items in he's enormous vaults, the Umbra and Siannodel didn't know about he's infamous powers and legacy before he told it to the face of Sho Umbra as a child, he then proceed to help the young blood with their wisdom and taunt them to become fearless.   Years later in the Hollow Edge, Naraku found out about a circle formed in he's capital. He made order to find and arrest them but never found out before some later on he got planar prison himself...


    Social Aptitude

    Extraordinary charismatic, suggestive and full of stories to tell

    Hobbies & Pets

    He's special free time he makes puzzles and tending to illusion and divination magic, He loves small black spiders, cats and feathered dragons

    Divine Classification
    Greater Deity
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Tribune of Blood Hunt, Shaman of Penumbra, Duke of Temptations, Headman of Poison
    Biological Sex
    Deep, Soft, Purple
    Extremely Long, Lushes, Snow White
    Skin Tone
    80 kilo

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