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Forest of The Enchantress

The land of the fae, magic and golden sunshine and echo of the feywild, this is the powerful magic place. The first creation Tora made with her wheel of Creation Energy. The forest is huge and expands for miles it is a very uneven terrain and always a mist and haze of spores from mushrooms and pollen. huge blue trees with beautiful crystal-like fruits and berries almost so you can smell the nectar it emits is very appetizing. The clear rivers and lushes bushes can almost look as you can sleep in them, the flowers are extremely beautiful and rare to the human eyes. This however have a very small energy of transformation, the longer they spend their time here the more they get a chance of some sort of Weird Effect. Specially if you aren't native to this place at all.   History Back when Tora, her sisters, their demi gods tigerdragons and Guardians created the realm, they created a place where Heedless ones could get their connection restored. And with it came her types of tigerdragons, the Water and Rare Fae ones. A tigerdragon enters the forest on trial for their restore, they will be facing the creatures and become cleansed when they finally find the small pool. The creatures will give them and expecting them to be humble, honest and loyal to the words they are told. When the creature accept it, they can finally move to the pool and become fully tigerdragon again, the cleanse will give them back arcane flow from the tree of beginning.     The Vortex of the Pool Tigerdragon's loves taking a dip in the fairy pool, it is most cleansing and relaxing place in the whole island Gaia, they spend mostly up to a month worth. They also hunt the fairies and eat themselves stuffed on their meat and pixie arcane magic, mostly carry some later to eat. There is other places but this is their favorite spot in Gaia.   Turquoise Brook - The river running through the forest from the fairy pool to the outer sea -   Fairy Falls - A extremely tall waterfall that runs out into the ocean of Giants Depth, it is highly magically and water fairies have their fun around these parts. You can see it from the cliffs edges of the flicker beach, always have a beautiful rainbow as well orbs and arcane wyrms.     The Midnight Star - In the deep valley of the bewitching forest, in a circle of huge glowing blue mushrooms and arcane white stones by a small clucking pool of water and huge hollowed tree, you can hear the small giggles and voices of creatures. approximately 23000 mixed races of fairies and a few other fay creatures lives in this citadel, is governed by a noble aristocrat, the fairy-elven Lady Hope Twinklebee. Caraway Pearclove and Timber Briarriver is the two other noble that takes care of the military and such. As well a infamous thieves guild leader Poppy Starshadow who is being bounty hunted on.

Alternative Name(s)
Fae Forest, Enchantress Forest, Lands of Fairies
Forest, Cloud / Water (Subtropical)

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