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Fire Tigerdragons

The Fire Tigerdragons is the subrace of tigerdragons, they also known as 'Desert ones' and 'Fire Dragons' , their thin build, sand like colors and fire wielding spells are infamous to the rest of the realm, they were always on the high energy and wanted more than most other tigerdragons of their kind. They live mostly in bigger cities, they do not like villages and smaller towns. rarely they want to be in tribes without being hugely invested to their creators and deities.  

    • Fire resistance
    • advantage on stealth checks
    • 2+ Dexterity 1+ Constitution or Wisdom
    • Low-Light Vision
    • Bonus Initiative - +2 racial bonus to initiative checks
    • Fire powers ( lvl 1 Fire Bolts , lvl 10 Incinerate , lvl 20 Rain of Fire )
Earth Walk - The race ignores difficult terrain if that terrain is the result of rubble, uneven stone, or earth.   At level 3 Fire Tigerdragon's get:
    • Sense and Flight
Fae types of tigerdragons can become a small orb for 1 minute/1 action and go through 20 cm thick walls made of wood and stone, but not metal. they can sense everything within their orb form. Blind Sight in 20 ft.  
    • '' The Fire Tigerdragons also known as the Desert ones, they do comes from the city of Aventurine, but on the bad side they have a attitude of greediness and appearance is important to them, Their good side is they are very courageous and solid, but by this their fire is most blazing of them all! ''
    • Anatomy & Morphology
Slender and Thin build, females have feminine build and males have a slight masculine build. They tend to have less fur as well hands and feets have a count of five instead of four as the others. Their horns are smaller, sharper and no more than 4-5 points, it is unusual to see more. Their ears are mostly oval shaped with no fur on the tips only males tend to have that. Their tail is thin and longer with rarely have any fur on it. Their special trait rare occasions some might have cloves or hooves instead of their feline-looking feet paws, albino and melanism might also accrue in these type.    
    • Beauty Ideals
The beauty of a Fire Tigerdragon is mostly the most important thing, gold or silver jewelry hang from their bodies as well clothing of silk and light cotton. very good status of their wealth and passion.  
    • Courtship Ideals
A male will go to the extremes to get their hands on a female's attention, they use more a forcefully move and bound them in a display of their fire magic or strength, even so to the point of showing off their material wealth.  
    • Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals
A small tradition the fire tigerdragons have is schooling of history about the realm, it extending to three years when they are become youthlings.  
    • Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Their fur can be from sandy browns and yellow, lesser spots to none. They mostly conserve on the warm and scorching sun of the Vast Wastelands. The skin under the fur is mostly a darker blue, pink or green, the green is mostly the rare one. Gate City Phoenix

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