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Erathal Han Whale

This incredible and uncommon creature is a type of aquatic mammal. It's about the size of a humpback whale, has four large side fins, a small dorsal fin and a long, muscular tail with two crest like tail ends. They have a soft, smooth skin which is usually either pale grey, light gold or pastel purple or a combination of these colors.   They live in large bodies of rivers or along shores and are quite rare. They're carnivores and their long, narrow mouths, their teeth and narrow tongue are ideal for eating fish and crabs.   They're crepuscular and rely on their extra sense and sight to get around. They do have an almost hidden nose, but their sense of smell is pretty great. They have small, round eyes and tiny, almost hidden ears. Their heads are small and long in comparison to their bodies.   They make sounds ranging from relatively low growls to very high humming and have a small range of sounds they make to indicate discoveries, dangers and otherwise communicate with each other.   These creatures are very gentle, but they heavily defend their personal space. They mate twice to three times a year and they mate with a select few partners for life. Which, with their very long lifespans, is only extraordinary.

900-1000 Years

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