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Earth Tigerdragons

The Earth Tigerdragons is the subrace of tigerdragons, they are also known as 'Earthen ones' and 'Forest Makers' , They are the biggest among their kind, As they living in such damp and dense vegetation they can easy get through it with their magic abilities to create ways through it. They do not tend to take a liking of outsiders and other races but their neutral calm nature can tolerate most creatures, they can become extremely strong in their elder year.  

    • Withstand heavy blows, magic and cuts from enemies.
    • 2+ Strength 1+ Dexterity or Constitution
    • Low-Light Vision
    • Choose a skill or cantrip: Druid's cantrip Tinker, Cobbler, Manson or Smith.
    • Earth powers ( lvl 1 Magic Stones, lvl 10 stoneskin, lvl 20 Earthquake )
Swamp Walk - The race ignores difficult terrain it that terrain is the result of bog, mud, or shallow water.   Improved Surge - The race's healing surge value is equal to one-quarter of their maximum hit points plus an ability modifier   Earth Tigerdragons natrual cantrip: Rain Growth - Earth types of tigerdragon: you create small plants/saplings when using a action, roll wisdom for fully growth if trees/bushes and so on.   Lurks in the dampness of water and forest, they live in huts and branches they can form with their 'Earth' Magic.  
    • Anatomy & Morphology
Large and Well Built, females got a slight feminine and males got large built muscles. They got a sleek fur on their body and bushy hair that shedding a lot when the season shifting, only minor fur on their wrists and tail, but along their calf and ankles are huge. they have long thicker tail and scales along it as well on their lower body parts. Their horns are either very big or small, but sharp. They have smaller triangular shaped ears with big tufts on and fully furred cheek like a bobcats. their tail is very strong and have more bone structure normally some rare times even possess a scorpion stinger. Their eyes have no pupils and have strong colors like; red, yellow, pink, blue or green, And commonly two colors and faintly glowing.  
    • Civilization and Culture
Beauty Ideals Their clothing sustain on long cotton, fur, leather dresses or shirts and pants, with minor details and living flowers, mushrooms and branches accessories attached to their heavy set of clothing. they might wear cloaks and hoods too. sometimes they wear thin jackets and cloaks with light flower and/or branch details, they like to blend in with their Favorited environment.  
    • Courtship Ideals
The female one will be choosing their mate in early spring when they are matured, as well male will be showing off their wits, skill and strength against another male. During this time might take up to a 5 year spend but in that time female have to choose who is worthy, if not it might take a long time till they can have a next time.  
    • Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals
There is something they do at their entry to adulthood which is they seek out the 'Emerald Saints' in the Giant Forest and then it is torchlight procession in the mid-Autumn to the Forest of the Enchantress where they give the Fairy Pool a ancient coin.

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