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the Wilderness from the child's fantasy... shes in the aristocrats upper class, since shes an rare creature. her sky blue color with shine of prism is most rare with golden touch, she bear rings and have spiked wings.   They can float over the ground, most commonly is spiral-like wings in bone color or light brown, and scale color is tones of earthly to greens. feather manes and tail is commonly blue tones, uncommon is teal and green. Creatures who protect children's dreams, they feed on the positive feelings and in return give the child good dreams. Most high ranked DreamGazer's personality is Calm minded or full of themselves, They can measure from 50cm to 4 meter tall, the more positive energy they consumes the bigger they become.  

    • Ranks among Gazers:
    • Disciple - Very common
    • Noble Advisor - Common
    • Nursing - Uncommon
    • Blessed - Very Uncommon
    • Archseer - Epic
    • Archpriest/Archpriestess - Very Epic
    • Prime Chief - Rare
    • High Councillor - Very Rare
    • Social Structure
    • Average Height
50 - 4.00cm
    • Average Weight
5 - 40kg

Scientific Name
Celestial Humanoid

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