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Demigoddess Nuriel

The fierce and volcanic dragoness, tigerdragon of the flames,   Demigoddess Nuriel     Curvy female tigerdragon, looking more feral than most elite ones, big fluffy fur, warm sand colors , fire red hair with orange roots small horn from forehead, dark charcoal stripes, strange formation of stripes, demon lord father's side hoofs instead of paws   Nuriel the child of Tora and Pazuzu. She was born in the hottest day of Dark Spires in blacken egg. It spread bad omens among the air tigerdragons as well earthen ones. as she quickly grew up and sent to the fire city of Aventurine, the leader priestess took her in as guardian. didn't last long before they knew she was destiny to make troubles.     disguises   human child acolyte bat   Special abilities:   Ice, Fire Kinetics and Boundary Bending/Control.     Personality Quirks She sleeps a lot     AlignmentChaotic Neural - Chaotic Evil Biological Sex-Female Sexuality-Aromantical Eyes-Sky Blue

Divine Domains

Fire, Sandstorms, Deserts, Spices, Demons, Devils, Heatwaves, Coins

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A Pyramid of Crystals on fire, A coin with fire symbol

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Various of charms giving her cha +5 and dex +5 Calligrapher's supplies and Leatherworker’s tools

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Jewelry, Fashion, Arabic Bellydancing, Manners, Sandy Colors, Cactus Flowers, Massages.   Dislikes: Unmannerly folks, Cringy fashion, Night times, Shows, Neon colors.

Divine Classification
Half-Fiendish Goddess
Chaotic - Neutral
Current Location
Vast Wastelands
1.78 cm
70-75 kilo

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