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Deity Xena

The Goddess of the 6 Moons, Mother of Moons, Moon Raven, Protector of Realm, Shields of The Aura

The protector of undertones, underlying emotions and pure truth, this is Xena.   The flowing appearance of the moon goddess, Xena only appear when true emotions are revealed at night. First appearance might look like a silver shimmering raven with blue silver eyes holding a gold necklace with crescent moon in their beck.   She wear a long Selenite pearl-like long flowing dress as and her khopesh made of Moonstone and her gems of Labradorite and Opal, around her body as she flying through the skies in the nights. She can summon and a great sword of silver as it have same amount of magical powers as a moonbeam.   Her hair hair reaches beyond her body in rainbow obsidian black, her eyes shine like white silver and horns is translucent in snowy quartz looking holy and celestial.   There's six horns from her golden moon shine halo, her fur gray black and shimmering like stardust, small raven black feather'ish spots on her back marks her tribal faith,snow white facial mark as well lower body with black-blue scales protecting her vulnerable abdomen and inner tights, she have silver like blade wings.     - Moonlight Dust Khopesh 2d6 slashing and 3d4 radiant/cold damage, fitness, one-handed   - Sir Silver Raven, Great Sword 4d6 slashing and 2d6 cold damage, heavy, two-handed   - Maul of Nightfall 2d6 bludgeoning and 2d6 cold damage, heavy, two-handed) until you take a long rest.   - Accessories   - Twilight Moon Necklace with moonstone crescent crystal on a dark leather cord. When held and activated, the cypher conjures an area of bright moonlight for 1 minute. When held and activated, the cypher grants your weapon an additional 2d6 points of damage until you take a long rest.     - Circlet of White Roses A silver like circlet with geometric patterns. Twice a day you can heal a nearby creature of its wounds (2d10 hit points)   - Death's Hand Bracelet it is engraved with hieroglyphs. Allows you to teleport a small object you can see to your hand, if you throw the object afterwards it will explodes into a cloud of noxious gas (3d6 poison damage and poisoned, Con save half and negates).  
  • The Red Dragon's Ring
  • A rusted pewter ring inscribed with fire and thorns. twice a day you can summon a ball of lava and throw it with Strength check and it will explodes into a fireball (6d6 fire damage, Dex save half).    
  • Ring of Moons Aura
  • A ring of meteoric iron etched and scarred by acid with six moons on it. Choose six spell of each element or arcane magic, can use only three spells each day.

    Divine Domains

    Moon, Planets, Emotions, Gemstones, Ravens, Aura, Reapers, Death, Subconsciousness, Mind, Night

    Divine Symbols & Sigils

    Golden Crescent Moon with six full moon in silver, A raven with a crescent moon necklace in their beck.

    Divine Goals & Aspirations

    To protect the realm from collapsing, Help lost souls over to next life, bring good things over to subconscious minds

    Mental characteristics

    Personal history

    She was born in the late summer at the first born's year, Alula made her first group of the air tigerdragons, but Xena was different. late bloomer as well her magic was of the moon shine than sunlight. She was pupil of Alula at first as her magick grew but shortly Alula favored Taeral and Cerauno, she got shadowed by their fast learning skills in radiant magick.   After a while of Xena's life she discovered something gruesome about Alula She tried to warn personally to Alula about her upcoming plans, but neither the light goddess or her allies would listen to this and called it 'nonsense' The fighter as she was, she wanted to uncover this, Xena went to study at night in the personal library of Alula, where she found a key that fit a book her mother had hidden away. She was being abandoned by the whole hierarchy of her family guardians, she was called a outsider and bullied by other air tigerdragons. no people wanted her and called her weak.   She went on a journey, at her late youthling days. Across the Nine Serpent Ocean she gathered beautiful seashells and Valorian Siren feathers, She found out a magical artifact was somewhere deep in the Black Forest of Bellowing Maze, she seeking out a blade in the Dark Forest, it took her about a month with searching. She found herself unconscious and with newfound powers as well a weapon under the cold full moon in the winter veil.   At first she didn't know how to use them, but some local tribe of Water tigerdragon's helped her, they were the most friendly she could ever imagine. They called her 'White Rose' because of the personality and her attitude, but not for long she opened up and was there for a year, after all Tigerdragon's take care of others and housewarming as the shore ones are she felt pretty welcomed.   She went back after a few more years, where she came back to the first war. She was finally a accepted but strangely had accomplished her role as leader. Alula accepted her back into the Light Tree City, whole city was gleaming with light and love. Xena had gotten followers of her own, she began right away to set rules and restrictions of all things, her aura and being was most alpha of her family guardians, but some didn't like this, in all secret of most. That was none other than her mother Alula, herself.   Xena went with rule sets for Tundra, as this Earth Tigerdragon became her best friend. They both had same goal of protecting and balancing things in the right directions, Xena and Tundra gave the laws over to Tora, kingdoms and other empires of Darken Spires Realm. As well set some rules over the Gaia and set it around to tribes.   Which led her to become The Protector role of the realm, followers from all over came to her for blessings as her powers grew enormously and she was visited and invited to the Diamond Chain. She had only five children and their names was; Nala, Taka, Yil, Re'chaka and Alysin. They where her favorites and she would not favor anyone, they all grew up and was pretty happy. As they all had found out what and who they where Xena had a sixth child, Raven. She found them abandon in a fire in the north of Dark Forest. But, Raven was a water tigerdragon with unusual white and brown pattern as well their tail was badly hurt and had to be amputated. She did the best she could and took great care, Nala helped as well.       She got murdered by the assassins of Alula, The Shard Moon rogues poisoned the new goddess, their protector of the realm, led her astray as the destroyer of worlds was let loose.


    Family Ties

    She's one of the 12 siblings that was first brought into the world, her mother is Alula, her father is Arot.    Her siblings names:

  • Cerauno The Waterbearer
  • Mistral The Twin
  • Chrono The Scales
  • Umber The Scorpion
  • Taeral The Bull
  • Tyrael The Lion
  • Zelphar The Archer
  • Nabeora The Ram
  • Astris The Maiden
  • Kleia The Goat
  • Veris The Fish
  • Diascia The Crab
  • -

    Divine Classification
    Death Goddess
    Lawful, Neutral, Good
    1.90 cm
    79 kilo

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