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Deity Xena

Deity Xena The protector of undertones, underlying emotions and pure truth, this is Xena.   The flowing appearance of the moon goddess, Xena only appear when true emotions are revealed at night. First appearance might look like a silver shimmering raven with blue silver eyes holding a gold necklace with crescent moon in their beck.   She wear a long Selenite pearl-like long flowing dress as and her khopesh made of Moonstone and her gems of Labradorite and Opal, around her body as she flying through the skies in the nights. She can summon and a great sword of silver as it have same amount of magical powers as a moonbeam.   Her hair hair reaches beyond her body in rainbow obsidian black, her eyes shine like white silver and horns is translucent in snowy quartz looking holy and celestial.   There's six horns from her golden moon shine halo, her fur gray black and shimmering like stardust, small raven black feather'ish spots on her back marks her tribal faith,snow white facial mark as well lower body with black-blue scales protecting her vulnerable abdomen and inner tights, she have silver like blade wings. -   Divine Domains Moon, Planets, Emotions, Gemstones, Ravens,   Divine Symbols & Sigils Golden Crescent Moon with six full moon in silver, A raven with a crescent moon necklace in their beck.   Divine Goals & Aspirations To protect the realm from collapsing   Mental characteristics   Personal history She was born in the late summer at the first born's year, Alula made her first group of the air tigerdragons, but Xena was diffrent. late bloomer as well her magic was of the moon shine than sunlight. After a while of Xena's life she discovered something gruesome about Alula She tried to warn personally to Alula about her upcoming plans, but neither the light goddess or her allies would listen to this and called it 'nonsense' The fighter as she was she wanted to uncover this, seeking out a blade in the Dark Forest She found herself unconscious and with newfound powers under the cold fullmoon in the winter veil. Which led her to become The Protector role of the realm She got murdered by the assassins of Alula, the Shard Moon rogues poisoned the new goddess, their protector of the realm, led her astray as the destroyer of worlds was let loose.   Social Family Ties She's one of the 12 sisters that was first brought into the world, her mother is Alula   Divine Classification Goddess Current Location Vorbixu, The Azure Plane Species Tigerdragons Honorary & Occupational Titles The Goddess of the 6 Moons, Mother of Moons, Moon Raven, Protector of Realm, Shields of The Aura

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