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Deity Alula

The Summer Born, The Winged Goddess, The Mind eyes, The Light Blessings ,The Eternal Light, Sun Goddess of Gaia

Alula is the goddess of Wind, Gravitation and Light, Intelligence, Knowledge and Higher minds. Her Crystal is prismatic and moon-like.  
  • Wrath of Alula is banishment to imprisonment.
  • Alula appears as half Harpy Eagle, Asian Gold Cat and Unicorn like creature, Air Tigerdragon with crystal energy modifies. Her first appearance is as a being of pure light, as her horn and wings bathing in angelic moon and sun light. As for other forms are a alicorn of sunlight and moon light beaming from her crystallized form.   - Personality wise   She's a calm and collected mind, she have a rather high picture of herself as the superior. people find her as the knowledgeable and fear her wrath, she will make them kneel before speaking.  
  • Abilities
  • She is most immune or resistant to magical and physical attacks, She have healing, shifting high psychic powers. radiance and dispel magic, she will mostly have a endless supply of mind blank and mind blast with her weapon being a rather interesting music instrument, a biwa. she also possess a angel staff but only use it in emergency. and her one weakness was being struck by necrotic magic in the moving sadness when Suket broke free.   - Starting Stats HP: 3500 Mana: 10.000   STR: 15 CON: 23 DEX: 13 INT: 35 WIS: 25 CHA: 16     - Personal history   Alula is the wisest of the 3 sisters, she was once a normal tigerdragon born from the same crystallized egg as the others, but rather she grew up surrounded in knowledge and sunlight, she took her first bite of the magic fruits and began changing from a warm and kind to menacing and selfish, the powerful one.   Tundra turned her back to this nonsense and wouldn't return Tora, she begged Alula to not be so high minded of herself but Alula struck her with her newfound powers and realized it not. Alula didn't take Tundra's words for anything but a simple minded and peasent like person, mere poor one. She was too much in power to even care for a sister.   and a few hundred years passed as Alula grew in powers and narcissism tendency and got followers. manipulated people to follow her in menace and violent manners. Alula drowned in her own emotions and got corrupted in her own mind, deeper and deeper into her own darkness. one day in the shifting winds of boundless warmth, a tear of a dimensional portal opened.   Tora had escaped to other dimensions, Alula didn't approve of this and sent her acolytes to find her but vain only 1 returned. As the sister returned she came with alien beings from another world. Alula strongly set her foot down and tried to banish these beings, as they went to the Underdark for 10 years, plotted and schemed. few more hundred year passed as a warning from the prison went off, Suket broken free and the balance was now in Alula's hands.   Divine Classification- Greater Deity Pantheons- Shard Moon Council Alignment- Lawful Good Honorary & Occupational Titles-

    Divine Domains

    Air, Wind, Gravitation, Light, Sun, Tree of Life, Intelligence, Knowledge, Higher Self, Spirit, Higher minds.

    Divine Symbols & Sigils

    A plain ram skull with en dark blue eye in the forehead and extended pair of hawk wings from behind the horns, three feathers pointing downwards

    Divine Classification
    Greater Deity / Goddess
    Current Location
    Light Tree City
    Biological Sex
    1.95 cm
    56 kilo

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