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Dark Forest

Dark Forest The Echo of Shadows and Etherealness. A very huge woods continent which the ground almost never have sunlight through the thickening trees that looming over the roads and small towns below the stems of the trees. many people are adapted to the never ending nights and dim lights as most roads have the small colored lanterns to tell what the time are.   Black Walk A coastal road from the north part to the south in west part of Dark Forest, highly dangerous and mostly used as smuggling and other dark deals.   Swiftvale Pass A passage through The Wind Mountains, The valley is known for it warm winds from the south, gnarly trees and wild herbal plants, there's nests of hippo griffins and rocs. There's a ruin of a old tower here and now used as a hide out from storms and rain.   Twilightpoint Redoubt By the foot of the mountain of greater wyrm dragon, a shadow dragon named Lord Rioku, The Protector. The Redoubt is a small schooling place for a nearby harbor village   Cainhorn Palace The ruins of a once powerful archfey family of nobility, protected by guardians of the past. The ruins of Siannodel family home, now only the frames of the home and gravestones lay here.   Oyster Piers Big Town, approximately 5000 population of mixed races, monstrosities and pilgrimage folk. The trading routes harbors from Dark Forest to Ka'ercashi and Aventurine City.   Dragon Reach A Large Village with serene surroundings, mostly for spa, recreational and vacation spot. a small population of air and water tigerdragons lives and works here, population 280 The village of romance under a starry sky of northern lights from Gaia, there's a living crystal tree here in honor of Alula to keep the village safe.   Kitama Garden A sleeping valley of cherry blossom trees, poppies and a river of mountain water. The Wind Mountains: A mountain chain that reaches from Dragon's Reach to Andodon Creek   Andodon Creek population 160, A small Harlot of tigerdragon fruit farms and bee farms.   Black Forest Highway This trading road spreads from Crystalcoin to the Andodon Creek, most safest route in Dark Forest and it crosses with the Swiftvale Valley Pass.   The Bellowing Maze A Stone like dense forest part, hidden in mist and hills by the Black Walk and Fallen Star Hill, this place have a group of spore druids called the; 'Poison Haze Clan' only the clan knows it way around it.   Ashen Crystalcoin Citadel approximately 2770 population creatures and race mix, the respectful shrine of the Miharu laying on the skirmish of a ruined mansion. In the city itself we have; The Shadowfell tigerdragons, Ravenqueen Church, The Shadow Council Guildhall, Everna tunnel roads and the infamous tigerdragon of the first ones.   Crystalcoin Rift: A Huge rift containing a god's weapon, heavily guarded by the Paladins of Alula.   Everna Metropolis: Approximately 25660; primarily tigerdragon, mixed elven races, some human and beastfolk.   Everna Lake: A green blue clear lake with ethereal wisp like fish and other strange creatures.   The Chasm Isle: laying on the Everna lake, small island just outside the Crystalcoin Citadel and Rift, laying a strange black tree with pale blue leaves, it is hollowed on the inside and chasm to a void portal where you end up in Shadowfell.   Fallen Star Hill: A ghost town, overgrown with poisonous plants and will-o-wisps, half of the town is sunken into the muddy sinkhole which is a opening to underdark parts. There's a long-dead ironwood tree, said to be haunted by the ghosts of the thieves and murderers which once hung from it.   Coldrose: In the north part on a bridged island, a passage to the weeping willow islands, A small thorp population of 60 human and sea half-elves. This place is known for its arcane magic contest and where the pilgrim gathering started, as well the famous arcane strawberries that the noble family Coldrose made.   Burly Flow Aqueduct: Made by the Coldrose family to make sure trade roads where safe and swiftly, some made their homes under it by the strong current through the cold waters below.   The Wilds of Tavalin Cape: A Jungle mangroves by the tip of Dark Forest connect the Coldrose bridge and the wilderness. beneath the thick strange root growth, there's a lot of sea and fresh water that meets here and underwater growth of plants and crystal algae, a lot of giant turtles, predator fish and wingless earth dragons lives here. A few places there's strong current channels as well sinkholes, you can easily get stuck and drown.   Chambers of the Spirit: Beneath the Everna is a cave system leading somewhere to the depths of the ocean floor, a magma chamber of elementals that guards their lair.   Blainrior Road: A long stretching road from east to west side of Dark Forest, it stops at Cainhorn palace as it have a strange ghost inn that still works today. The caravan Road Inn surrounded by ruined dead-end alleys and abandoned exotic brothels, the inn is a simple wooden shack, with a large cellar. Accomodations consist of straw mats near the hearth.   -

Alternative Name(s)
Shadowfell Echo, The Land of Shadow Trees, Dark Sleeping Lands, Long Dead Lands
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