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City Of Souls

The biggest city and all dark magic users comes from, but mostly the nicest place to be and stay in. all kinds of creatures from far and wide comes here to get to the far realms and the Toril. the city is ruled by the Deity Tora and she mostly comes every full moon (3 days stay) to protect travelers from the virus.     History The city have existed since the portal were built, name was changed from 'Soul Crystal Citadel' , so many souls have been offered to Tora to protect the city. Warlocks of Tora helped with making the biggest and accepting city. As Tora made a deal with the factions from Toril, they got a protected house in the boarders, as well a house of drows got to build a underdark town under the city with the illithids, the feudal tigerdragons and treasures of the city   Tora talked with the beholder from Waterdeep about her realm by a nice event in her honor, framing her for taking it position of power and not so interested in her realm only in the essence of this plane by followers and the deity herself so by putting her warlocks on the assassination list by blinding and branding them to death if they dont negotiate with the underdark folks by making it happen. co-existing with other creatures far and near, Tora made a safe heaven, learning the knowledge but ignoring the laws, laws have never been a thing for this goddess, her existence can bring utter confusion or bliss towards those who are in her presence     Crime There's always 500 guards around inside the city boarders and 100 outside the walls. High security Even though with the high crime rate of this city, it will never be clean for it. There's a huge underground city below, hundreds of underdark races lives in this city.     Portals and Dimensions The Portal is direct link to Other Far Realms places, Outside the boarders of Gaia Island and Toril. It is the only portal that is open to people, but the longer they stay in this place, the harder it is to cross to other places outside this realm. Time in this realm is acting on events that happens outside, quantum entanglements and existence is something that happens all the time.   Notable places around the city:   The Gate Portal There's fot-high water surrounding the crystal, geometrical patterns, surrounded by very pristine and asian stone building, blue-leafed small trees, birds chirping..Water that goes up in the sky from a swirly like hole, glittery orbs flies around and out from it, stringy rainbow shimmer-like arcana magic float in the air. 5 meter tall crystals formed as 3 goddesses, one purple'ish, one prismatic white and one shimmering sea green. The throne-like structure, the throne is 4 meter tall in front of the crystal statue.     Palace Ward   Dreaming Owl Library four storey Ivory white stone building with rune crafted timber from tree ents, it is magical protected against evil spells. In honor to the north wind Orchid, goddess of arctic poles. knowledge from Material Plane and other strange things.     The Broken Crystal Pact Warlocks Temple In the city there's a hidden temple by her open welcoming castle, In the shining light of The Breeding Goddess of City and her blessings, with all accepting monster queen makes all creatures pleased, in a cellar with surrounded by whispers, moans, intoxicating scents and drinks, a statue and her orgasmic crystals.     Everglade Store: The shop is three-storey building of finely wrought iron, with a green tile roof. It is well lit by glowing gemstones set into the ceiling and with several stained glass windows.   The surrounding yard is filled with statues of mythical creatures. The shopkeeper is a covetous female Feyling named Shale. She insists on inspecting every coin paid to her and and seems to know someone in every land and realm.   Ravenward Blacksmith: single storey timber framed building, with unusually high ceilings. It is exceptionally clean, and well lit by a few magical torches with dwarf-wrought iron furnishings. It is built around a huge dragon-shaped forge. The shopkeeper is a stout female dwarf named Khakal She seems to know the name of everyone who enters her shop and old male dragonborn named Shimma. He is suspiciously inquisitive.   The Gooseberry Cat Inn: It is watched by an arcane squad of the town guard and outside is filled with strange languages and accents, Its neighbors include a verdant courtyard. The inn is a two-storey timber and brick building, with a small walled yard and garden. It is fancifully decorated, and brightly lit by magical candles and crystal chandeliers. Accomodations consist of several small rooms with beds and woolen mattresses. The innkeeper is an overweight male elf named Baco, he have brown long pony-tail hair and gray eyes, and a round nose, personality wise gullible and envious.   Engon's Pottery: The workshop of a male elf potter named Engon, known for his clever puzzle jugs.   The Guildhall: An brown-red ornate timber and stone building, decorated with a glazed-tile roof. It contains a large meeting hall and several larger rooms, and is shared amongst several local merchant guilds.   Rune Alley Purple Gaze: Wands and Scrolls The shop is a six-storey tower of finely wrought iron and carved stone, with tall elf-wrought wooden shelves. A medium-size dragon's skull hangs over the hearth with several leaded glass windows. It is brightly lit by magical candles and chandeliers. It is brightly lit by magical candles and chandeliers, Several obelisk engraved with glyphs stands beside the building. The shopkeeper is an old male gnome named Gullwrath. He seems to know the name of everyone who enters his shop and extends a small discount to bards. Co-owner female high-elf named Mae, child: short female elf named Buttons   A derelict warehouse. A small basement of the warehouse is filled with impossibly large spider webs,several abandoned buildings. An occult tome lies on the floor, surrounded by a circle of alien symbols.   Cutha's Carvings: The workshop of a female elf woodcarver named Cutha, known for her weirdly life-like wooden dolls.   The Theater of Genesis: A grand stone-walled theater, home of a male elf named Ervon and his troupe of trained cats.   Traders Alley The Arkwrights Guild House: A grand building elven wood, decorated with finely carved gargoyles, the owner is a human. May Nettlereave: Young Youthful Female Human Merchant, Neutral. May has a long face, with jet black hair and sharp blue eyes. She wears modest garments and several small tools hang from her belt. May has an animal companion, a gray rabbit named Marget.   The Wishing Well: A deep shaft in the ground, filled with brackish water. It is said that there exists one particular coin in town, and that whoever casts it into the well will be granted their wish.   Pet's Cemetery: Right outside the walled city is a cemetery of pets within the place is a abandoned stone-walled tower contains a ancient, monolith of white stone, placed to mark the Battle that's on-going. people lay their offerings here to the fallen.   Market Ward   A monolith of dark stone, placed to mark the Battle of The Bleeding Skies. T he Silver Shrine: A wondrous spire of bright silver, placed to honor Alula, Goddess of Light.   The Green Shrine: A stone niche enshrining an idol of Nuriel, Goddess of Desert, surrounded by red-orange gravel and blooming cactus.   The Raven Guildhall: An impressive half-timbered building, decorated with wrought-iron lamps. It contains a large meeting hall and several smaller rooms, and is shared amongst several local trade guilds.   Wind Dragon Ward Tentacle Herbs: The street outside is shaded by many canopy of colorful fabric, The shop is a two-storey building of polished marble,with a tiled mosaic floor and carved wooden doors. The walls are inscribed with arcane designs and formulae. storekeeper is a Female Human Nia Mious, dressed on blackish purple robes and TigerDragon Male Charles .M Harwood in posh clothing. and seems to know someone in every land and realm.   The Chokers Secret (Brothel,Simple food,The finest wines and champagnes,Exotic races,A Sultry Seductor,It is blessed and a shrine or temple to the God of Love or Fertility) The shop is a four-storey timber and stone building with a smooth stone floor and well lit by glowing red and blue gemstones set into the ceiling, upper floors is dimly lit by a few candles and fairly shabby, Lots of doors and rooms. A monolith of blue crystal stands beside the building and It is protected by serveral bound water elemental. Owner: Minotaur male named Dorrut Thunderhorns and Co-owner Satyr female named: Pahu Jaruka   Mirtha's School: An small school of children and youth of the city, said to be haunted by the ghost of a silver dragon.     Drakegate District   The Barracks: A buttressed stone-walled building, headquarters of the city guards. It adjoins a small-medium jail used to detain thieves and scofflaws.   The Courthouse: A grand building of timber and brick walls, filled with busy magistrates and advocates.   Widow's Blades: A small weaponsmith's workshop, built within the walls of an embattled stone tower.   Earth Drake's Hauberks: The workshop of earth tigerdragon male armorer named Echteal, who is rumored to work his forge with bound salamanders and drakes.   The Spectral Aqueduct: A section of an old aqueduct stands over the street. A curtain of water falls continuously from the lower end of the aqueduct into a large stone basin. The water is clear and cold,some say it have special magic in it but none have proven right yet.   The Dark Alley: A mysterious alley, which does not appear on any map. It is said that the Thieves' Guild knows the secret of its summoning. Foxtails&Grapes Inn: It stands next to an abandoned blacksmith's workshop and the street outside is strewn with the rubble and debris of a collapsed building and the North gate of the city. The inn is a large two-storey timber framed building, with vaulted ceilings. A collection of fine tapestries hangs on the walls. Accomodations consist of several large rooms with beds and woolen mattresses and several small rooms with wooden cots. The innkeeper is an heavyset Orc-looking Hog female named Akimoto Piglet, she knows a few simple spells for housekeeping and and keeps a small workshop in the cellar. The Dragon's Bone Arena: A large semi-circular amphitheater, designed to host all types of competitions. Even a fighter's school next to it.   Black Cat Slums   The Henchmen&Lizard Tavern: The tavern is two-storey timber and brick building, with several shuttered windows, usually noisy, with a gang of aggressive ruffians making trouble, but The inn is locally known for its trivia and arcana contests. Accomodations consist of a few small rooms with straw mats and several hammocks in the common room. The Innkeeper is a male Drow, narrow face, with short silver hair and eyes. He wears emerald robes and wields a steel quarterstaff and silver dagger which he stores in the bar itself.   Strange eldritch idol of some underdark creature stands here, some gold is placed there as well hollowed skulls, chains and other weird statues, ripped clothing.   Mines of Hollowed Dwells: A far stretching mines that goes almost forever, filled with minerals from the depths. It is said that is commonly found to be extremely dangerous.   Birdsong Alley: A verdant alley between buildings. Though no birds are ever seen, it is often filled with gentle birdsong, it is right next to the west gate of the city.   A weathered temple ruins, said to lie atop catacombs filled with long-forgotten treasures.   The Blackmarket, Red Dragon Treasures: A big shabby iron building with a huge red painted pipe shaped like a chromatic red dragon holding a rusty iron-shaped human skull, it have nine levels basement floors with several levels of underground tunnels through the whole city.   The Owners of the Red Dragon Treasures Kali: Male Drow Illusion Artist, Evil. Kali has messy silver hair and amber eyes, and a flat nose. He wears fine clothing and a lolth silver amulet and owns a red tiny firedrake named Bite.   Female Dark Dwarf Mercenary, Neutral. Ynge is short, with auburn hair and brown-yellow eyes. She wears scale mail and wields a warhammer and heavy crossbow.   Marget Nesev: Female Human Thief, Evil. Marget has blonde hair and brown eyes. She wears leather armor and wields a dagger and has an animal companion, a red fox named Robber.   Piker: Male Tiefling Assassin, Neutral. Piker has short charcoal black hair and narrow brown eyes, and small ears. He wears leather armor and wields a poisoned dagger. Their Headquarter is a single storey tower building nearby a abandon library building and the black market itself, with a small hedged yard with a flower bed of nightshades and other poisonous plants. Accomodations consist of woolen blankets near the hearth, they always have a bunch of parties whenever they got guests and people over, but only a secret password get changed every month.

Alternative Name(s)
Rainbow City, The Heart Locker City

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