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Cat Rash Illness


    • Possible symptoms:
    • feeling weak
    • a rash
    • ear pain
    • fur growth (not in all cases)
    • bad stomach (uncommon)
What to expect: feeling weak and a rash slowly increase in severity over a few days, but rarely are both experienced at once. After the initial onset, feeling weak often increases in intensity. Around this time ear pain is experienced by the majority of people. The experience of ear pain may be experienced more strongly in combination with the experience of a rash. After a few more days fur growth outbreak is experienced frequently and is usually experienced while scratching the new places.
    • Throughout the course of the disease, bad breath may be experienced, but only in a minority of people and can be experienced at extreme levels.
    • Cause: Ingesting meat from contaminated animals by the Forest of Enchantress.
    • Made worse by: Excess water consumption. Stress. Lack of vitamins.
Treatment: Medication routine and in some cases a strong vitamin potion. Rarity: 5 in 20 Children have Cat Rash.   -Type - Supernatural -Origin - Magical -Cycle - Short-term -Rarity - Common

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