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Calendar/Events Months:

    • Ebburon - Autumn - 60 days
    • Makthra - Spring - 60 days
    • Winter Veil - Winter - 40 days
    • Sol Veil - Summer - 200 days
Weekdays: Quill, Wekter, Moon, X'hilou, Nakter, Suul   Moons: Nala (Shadow moon) , Re'chaka (Light Moon) Yil ( Shy Moon)   Moon shards of Taka (Iridescence Moon) , Alysin Ember (Fire Moon) and Raven (The Sibling Moon)   Events
    • Arcane Shift -every six years on Ebburon and Makthra have astral-like winds on their end day
    • Sun Burst - sun makes heatwaves across the realm every second year
    • Moon Shards Nights: Every mid-week you can see the shards of the lost moons passing over the sky, from silvery gleams to huge white and gold(ish) chunks.
    • The Winter Born Gathering - Tora's day in the winter veil
    • The Autumn Born Gathering - Tundra's day in the Ebburon
    • The Homecoming of Realm - In mid Sol Veil, The day when tigerdragon's mature passing into adulthood.
    • The Summer Born Gathering - Alula's day in Sol Veil
    • Ever veil Festival - The New Year , the passing 2 days between a year. Moon Dance Festival - a week of non-stop dance and praise for Yil, the shy moon
    • Wanderers Gather - Pilgrims day, in Makthra, free pass between the worlds for two weeks
    • Rainbow Aurora Week - a week in Winter Veil, where a rainbow aurora dances over the skies to lighten the hearts of tigerdragons
    • Soul Passing wanderer - in the early week in Ebburon, where souls passing on to the next life
    • Harvesters Day - a late day in Ebburon on a Suul, the day of Soul collectors wander over the planes to collect lost souls
    • The Youthling's day - In first day of Makthra, a day where late youthling tigerdragons will show their abilities and going to do their rituals.
    • Nala's Day - Early Winter Veil, Every five year, the shadow moon get its praise and that day is shadow tigerdragon's day
    • Re'chaka's Week - Late Sol Veil, The week where Alula graduate devoted ones and young acolyte's get their exam done.
    • Scorching Pass, In Sol Veil on the 150 day til 151 day, the passing of Blue Star Exster'Yilh passing through with a extreme heat wave, tigerdragons warn people not to be outside this day.
    • Wilderling Tail Comet - every 30 year, the comet 'Wilderling' pass over the skies with a long teal tail for 3 days, slowly crossing by.
    • Red Phoenix Comet - every 20-25 year, the phoenix will swing by the plane with red glimmer and sparks for one slow night.
    • Angel's Tear Comet - every 60 year for about 5 days, this comet will pass by the skies with ice crystals and very long white and blue, and if it is night you will see gold(ish) shimmer as well.
    • Whistle Blower Comet - every 10 year, the whistle blower swing by with a noticeable sound as while streak of white tails over the skies
    • Black Star Comets - once a year, two comets in dark purple and blue comet shine and crosses by the skies, spinning with each other
    • Druidic Light - every second year, the green comet 'druid light' streak over the skies for 1 hour, with forest green, sun yellow and sparks of lime green as tail

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