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Calendar/Events     Months:

    • Ebburon - Autumn - 60 days
    • Makthra - Spring - 60 days
    • Winter Veil - Winter - 40 days
    • Sol Veil - Summer - 200 days
    Weekdays: Quill, Wekter, Moon, X'hilou, Nakter, Suul, Marka and La'si       Moons: Nala (Shadow moon) , Re'chaka (Light Moon) Yil ( Shy Moon)   Moon shards: Taka (Iridescence Moon) , Alysin Ember (Fire Moon) and Raven (The Sibling Moon)   Suns: Lion (Gate Star, M Red) and Irika (Blue Star, O Blue)       Events  
    • Arcane Shift -every six years on Ebburon and Makthra have astral-like winds on their end day
    • Sun Burst - sun makes heatwaves across the realm every second year
    • Moon Shards Nights: Every mid-week you can see the shards of the lost moons passing over the sky, from silvery gleams to huge white and gold(ish) chunks.
    • The Winter Born Gathering - Tora's day in the winter veil
    • The Autumn Born Gathering - Tundra's day in the Ebburon
    • The Homecoming of Realm - In mid Sol Veil, The day when tigerdragon's mature passing into adulthood.
    • The Summer Born Gathering - Alula's day in Sol Veil
    • Ever veil Festival - The New Year , the passing 2 days between a year.
    • Moon Dance Festival - the first of Winter Veil, 4 days of non-stop dance and praise for Yil, the shy moon
    • Wanderers Gather - Pilgrims day, in Makthra, free pass between the worlds for two weeks
    • Rainbow Aurora Week - a week in Winter Veil, where a rainbow aurora dances over the skies to lighten the hearts of tigerdragons
    • Soul Passing Wander - in the early week in Ebburon, where souls passing on to the next life
    • Harvesters Day - a late day in Ebburon on a Suul, the day of Soul collectors wander over the planes to collect lost souls
    • The Youthling's day - In first day of Makthra, a day where late youthling tigerdragons will show their abilities and going to do their rituals.
    • Nala's Day - Early Winter Veil, Every five year, the shadow moon get its praise and that day is shadow tigerdragon's day
    • Re'chaka's Week - Late Sol Veil, The week where Alula graduate devoted ones and young acolyte's get their exam done.
    • Scorching Pass, In Sol Veil on the 150 day til 151 day, the passing of Blue Star Exster'Yilh passing through with a extreme heat wave, tigerdragons warn people not to be outside this day.
    • The Day Of The Death, Last day of Ebburon, Xena's Come Back, Tigerdragon and followers set out bowl of moonstones and black candles outside their front door to welcome good fortune and longevity. 
    • Star day , in Makthra 20th, at evening is the memory day of the fallen and passed away. 
    • Wilderling Tail Comet - every 30 year, the comet 'Wilderling' pass over the skies with a long teal tail for 3 days, slowly crossing by.
    • Red Phoenix Comet - every 20-25 year, the phoenix will swing by the plane with red glimmer and sparks for one slow night.
    • Angel's Tear Comet - every 60 year for about 5 days, this comet will pass by the skies with ice crystals and very long white and blue, and if it is night you will see gold(ish) shimmer as well.
    • Whistle Blower Comet - every 10 year, the whistle blower swing by with a noticeable sound as while streak of white tails over the skies
    • Black Star Comets - once a year, two comets in dark purple and blue comet shine and crosses by the skies, spinning with each other
    • Druidic Light - every second year, the green comet 'druid light' streak over the skies for 1 hour, with forest green, sun yellow and sparks of lime green as tail

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