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Aventurine City

The canyon city of traders, elegance, gems and riches. It always proudly represents the passion and fire of red dragons, gambling money an other games. everything is lively, no one sleeps ever, always something happening. You see the winners, you see the losers, gambling is ever consuming gambit. -location-   Northern parts in the Vast Wastelands. The city itself laying in various canyons and cliff sides of a savanna, colder winds air out the dry heat of vast wastelands of this deserts merciless environment of this plane. -the leader and rulers- The Queen as she is the ruler of all fire tigerdragon and overall the 'Dragon's Fire' of the city. Rulers below the queen is three tigerdragon 'Crathrax' , 'Jade' and the water one no one knows the name off but called 'Quicksand' because of the strict ruling, no hesitations what so ever. Favored by other factions, they openly work with Lord's Alliance and few others. In no mean of trouble their own Alliance called ' The Clawed Fires ' help with forces to oppose shadow activity, accounting, judge and trade of money.  

    • The Clawed Fire -
Led by Tigerdragon called themselves Commander Vaskalah S. Herang, an elegant older woman in Waterdeep, She leads other tigerdragon emissaries, traders, warriors, smiths, and diplomats. Powerful and rich families comprise and Sometimes helped by caravans, sages, fighters and bards to spy on the other, All The other factions know is..They are lead by a Knight in dark armor who's face is never seen. The Order is made up of good people, who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty..   -crime- Despite all the lawful and good people in this town there as are pick pocketing, drugs, vandalism, assaults and other small petty crimes. which of mostly will be fined to the leader or person of this offence.     The Hollow Gale you probably never heard of them before. these malicious beings are Sirens and other sea creatures. Corrava The Beautiful, she's the leader of a guild near the city. she have plans to take over at some point but yet to defeat the Queen place and assassinate the royalty. She and her guild runs the trades between the Seaports in Mecine Town, Thay and outer realms.     -history- The city wasn't a city at all, it was a echo of the the elemental plane of fire. Fire elementals and ruled by a Efreeti overlord this place and kept expanding, but Tundra's leading army to take over and close the gate for good. Tundra then established a place for her followers and friends to settle in this harsh environment in a very big gorge and by help from Tora make it livable. In the beginning it was called 'Elemental Canyon Town'. The town grew and had a major accident by the orders from the light priestess, 'Meliva' a gem maker tigerdragon to make the city noticeable, they made a the huge gem in the center and it became the first outside of Gaia portal to contact with Toril, 'Meliva' lived a few hundred good years in Aventurine city before she passed away. After the accident with invasion, it was no longer a portal to Toril. it made some of the citizens mad and concern about their families and trading, but new leader of the town made a clear statement to get help from the 'Lord's Alliance' make allies and defeat the evil, after 10 long confusing years, Queen Nathifa and Piergeiron the Paladinson are still making agreements today, by means of concerning laws and Intel, gold, trades and precious items.     Sea Wraith Dock   The Old Hunter: A modest sylvan inn, a joyful female sun elf named Milda, who also sells potions of healing. the common room firepit is of magical volcanic rock.   The Elysian Pavilion: A grand stone-walled theater, within which time seems to pass more slowly.   The Crossed Candles: A neglected commoner's tavern, said to be a front for the Assassin's Guild.   Vulcan's Arsenal: A cluttered weaponsmith's workshop, built within what was once an aristocrat's manor.   Erys' Masonry: A large stonemason's workshop, said to be guarded by living gargoyles.   The Shining Tree Woodwork: A modest woodcarver's workshop, decorated with monstrous skulls.   The Runeweavers Guild House: An ornate building of stone walls, said to be haunted by the ghost of a silver dragon.   Blooming Cactus: A cluttered trader's workshop, built within the walls of an sandstone tower and seem always busy. The Shopkeeper is Arles: Male Half-Elf Artist, Neutral. Arles has copper hair and green eyes. He wears modest garments and an ermine fur cape. Arles has an animal companion, a tawny rat named Hera.   Queen's castle Middle of the city, raises a crescent building with red dragon statues, it surround a orange fire crystal known as the portal. heavily guarded the queen sits here.   Traders corner the corner of the city where the markets laying.   The Honest Merchant: The shop of a male human gem merchant named Tholeon, within which a magical spell prevents lies and falsehoods from being spoken. An ancient column of hewn stone, said to honor a local god of war.   The Crystal Tower: An stone-walled tower, which has become the main watchtower for the guards.   The Pool of Warding: A large stone-carved filled with dark cold water. It is said that the pool sometimes reveals visions of the future to those who gaze into it long enough. It is hidden away back of the market and people leave offerings of ancient coins.       -League of Fire Smite , Guild Hall Guilds, Organizations, Emissaries and Alliances towering mansion almost like a court house for importance. An ornate sandstone and brick building, once a minor temple. It contains a large meeting hall and several smaller rooms,   Ward of Noble   The noble houses their family near Queen's castle, despite it always guarded and watch towers can see them. A tall statue of polished stone, said to entomb the bones of Lady Birra, The first fire tigerdragon of nobility.   Bright Orb Alley: A big verdant alley between mansion buildings. A breeze of cooling air always cross between the buildings as well beautiful red trees shading some parts.     The Cloister of White Light: An impressive terraced building, decorated with many holy symbols of carved stone and have various rooms, it is in honor of Alula, The Goddess of Light.   Shade of Traders A shaded alley housing far coming traveling trades.   The Slumbering Bonfire Inn: The only inn in the city that welcomes outsides/other races than the ones that is from The Spires of Darken Stars. The inn is a single storey stone-walled building, with several leaded glass windows and unusually high ceilings. It was once a barracks, and has a collection of arms and armor. Accomodations consist of several medium-sized rooms with beds and straw mattresses and a large common-room mezzanine with several wooden cots. The innkeeper is a young female halfling named Riley Stomperdusk. She is a retired adventurer, and keeps a collection of exotic coins and trinkets.   The Theater of Veils: A large theater of timber and brick walls, home of a thieves' guild pretending to be actors.   Oasis Alley   of Commoners place where common fire, earth and air tigerdragons, other races from Toril houses their family.   Oasis Alley: A verdant alley between buildings. A small clear brook running through here as well you can hear the frogs croak at night and always crystal's lit the way through here.   The Old Wall: A section of an old town wall divides several blocks. The ghosts of a town guard can sometimes be seen walking upon it.     Temple Alley   A red crystal stone spire engraved with the symbol of fire tigerdragons.   The Temple of Nuriel: A Huge Orange-red Crystal Pyramid with three rooms and in the main hall, a stone lantern enshrining the flame of Nuriel, Goddess of Fire, said to reveal visions to those who leave an offering.

Large city
Location under
Vast Wastelands

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