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Air Tigerdragons

The Air Tigerdragons is the subrace of tigerdragons, They are known as 'Gemholders' and 'Air Users' , they have the most colorful and strangest bodies as they have the slow growth as a tigerdragon, they are known for their powerful psychic abilities among the tigerdragons themselves, they commonly tend to lean towards being lawful and respectful.  

    • Can make and see Memories inside magical gems.
    • 2+ Charisma 1+ Wisdom or Intelligence
    • Low-Light Vision
    • Choose either: A musical instrument or a gemstone worth least 50 gp.
    • Air powers ( lvl 1 Gust Of Wind, lvl 10 Conjure Minor Elemental, lvl 20 Zealous Zephyr)
    • Shifting Second Wind - When the race uses their second wind, they can shift 2 squares as a free action.
    • Telepathy - The race can communicate telepathically with any creature within 3 squares that has a language, if they share same ones or it will only be gibberish.
    • Wind walk - Air types of tigerdragon: you become light as a feather, you levitate for 1 hour, but you need to roll strength if you carry people and concentration if more than 1 person
    • Anatomy & Morphology
Tall and Androgynous Shaped, the females have a more thin spoon body and male have straight and thin and almost no muscular body. their fur is duvet but thin, sitting tight to their bodies, only fluffy at the chest, wrists, calf, ears and tail. occasionally have huge scales on tail, torso and/or face in pearl effects of the pale pink, purple or green. They have the slowest growth of horns but biggest as they grow with the age and become more pointy and sometimes they only have a horn in the forehead. They have mostly the longest tail as it becomes extremely bushy when they become elders. Their eyes are commonly cat-like and have two colors like a sunset, uncommonly they have crystal like. The special trait this race have is long lushes hair in strong colors and it shimmers in sunlight , also their skin might illuminate in the dark.    
    • Beauty Ideals
They like to wear thick clothing of cotton, silk, crepe and wool. its is commonly extremely detailed with runes, sigils and other arcane symbols of their magic study and other subjects they might taken liking of. Their hair is highly accessorized with gems, crystals and feathers to symbolize either their youth, adulthood or elder phase. They take it very seriously and understanding of others ideals.  
    • Courtship Ideals
The males tend to be excellent to their chosen female partner as they will stealthy stalk them to find out what might make them tick and sway them under their will with their wits and knowledge, it takes females a lot of time but the male will not give up till the female submit. Females tend to love the psychic challenges the male put up to them and their battle will be mostly a short week or two.  
    • Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals
A small tradition the air tigerdragons have is schooling about their latent psychic abilities as they hit their late youthling they will be sent out on a solitude week where they going to spent time to reflect and resolve their thoughts, when they return they must have found out what they want to do rest of their life. They tend to do dust baths instead of water, their fur is so dense they will grow mold if they get soaked.   
    • Genetic Ancestor(s)
Tigerdragons Conservation Status Protected Average Height 1.70 - 2.00 cm Average Weight 20 - 70 kilo Body Tint, Colouring and Marking skin colors: strong blue, pink or green fur colors: neon colors, with dark strong colors, less stripes or spots.

Genetic Ancestor(s)

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