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  Spirel is a world that doesn't remember its history. Eighty years ago The First Generation woke up in Ironrise, a city they didn't build and in a world they didn't know. All they had were their names; given to them by simple identification tags that hung about their necks.   Born out of the terror and chaos of those early days was the drive to conquer this unknown land, tame it and make it their own. First, Ironrise was mapped, codified and populated. Then other cities were discovered or built.   Seven decades later all of known Spirel consists of five vast cities, dozens of wilderness settlements and limitless mysteries waiting to be discovered.   The further the borders of civilization are pushed the more humanity is forced to confront the horrors of a past that isn't theirs.Horrors such as the mechanical nightmares known as the Silver Ghosts as well as otherworldly entities that sleep beneath the earth waiting to wake and to feed.   More tangible threats occupy the attention of the common man though. The barbarity of criminal syndicates, the sinister ambitions of terrorists and the tyranny of the governments who all swear loyalty to the Prime Minister of Ironrise  

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Victoria Stone

I&#039;m a longtime roleplayer and GM using World Anvil to build multiple worlds both for RP campaigns, and a novel series. My worlds are private for now, but various articles will go public for challenges and stuff like that. <span class="line-spacer">&n

Senjata Witt

Senjata is a pixel muse, a creature aetherial, unseen beyond the constraints of her digital worlds. Ask not of the frail flesh that binds her mortal coil. Look instead to the warp and weft of the tapestries she weaves. <span class="line-spacer">&nbsp;</sp

Kris Weavill

Currently constructing the future version of a group fantasy setting, taking our high-fantasy setting and fast forwarding it 2000 years into the future. Roleplayer for 16 years using multiple systems and settings and having contributed with 6 people to a

Heath O'Donnell

Christian, Husband of 11 years, Father of 3, American Airman, Nerd. <span class="line-spacer">&nbsp;</span> Enjoys all types of music, movies, and books.

Lazy Potato

Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or just want to chat, I don&#039;t bite!


<p class="text-center">Hey there i&#039;m <b>Nevermore</b>, co-author of <a href="https://www.worldanvil.com/w/the-4th-race-Caeora">The 4th Race</a>. I&#039;m a wannabe graphicdesigner/writer/worldbuilder with a passion for anything D&amp;d. </p> <p class

Patrick Brand

I&#039;m a professional video game developer (specifically, a programmer) who is working on his own tactical RPG in scant spare time. I&#039;d like to spin out a lot of sequels for Vindis Saga Tactics, so I&#039;m therefore investing what I hope is a her


An Amateur author, I tend to spend much of my time working my day job working logistics, as well as with animals, and gardening. My spare time I use to improve my passion in the form of writing, building up my world here, and roleplaying with others when

Zack Hopkins-DeMerchant

Hi. I&#039;m making a game too close to my pen name! Check out my world building if you would like, I&#039;m terrible at it &lt;3.


hi im liv! im a creator who tends to have random spurts of activity. i can be slow when it comes to my work, but i&#039;d love to be an author someday! i also have various ideas for video games and webcomics. glad to be here!

Dimitris Havlidis

Incurable storyteller, builder of worlds, builder of applications for building worlds. Web Developer, Designer, Psychologist. Husband to a glorious wife. Humbled by those who supports his efforts. Oh and I really love chocolate and tangy lemon pies.


I am here for Ethnis primarily, working as a secondary developer to <a href="/author/Ademal">Ademal The Narrator</a> <span class="line-spacer">&nbsp;</span> My passions and experience come in the form of video games and design, unreal engine, C++, Ruby (n


I spend most of my time at work giving some TLC to our local buses. During the tiny bit of free time I have, I enjoy spending it on drawing, reading, playing games and watching youtube videos.


A lot of my work will just be my own take on things that like &amp;/or I&#039;m interested in; usually the way I think they should be. For instance, in many of my fantasy settings, the rules for magic, the supernatural &amp; the afterlife will be the same


I&#039;m an Australian gay nerd who loves fiction, sometimes a little too much. I love to worldbuild, write and I&#039;m learning to draw. I occupy my time with binge watching new shows, following fandoms, games and writing.

Gerrit Dodd

My name is Gerrit Dodd and I write both Mir and other unrelated fiction, typically horror and fantasy. I work by day in retail management and spend my free time outdoors skateboarding, creating art, writing and playing video games. I also spend time as a

Axelle Angela Snickerdoodle
A.A. Snickerdoodle

Worldbuilding enthusiast and professional invertebrate fond of Cephalopods of the female variety. Likes using old-timey exclamations, by jingo!

Jenny N.

I&#039;m a laid-back and quiet personality, a bit on the shy side. I&#039;m one of those crazy cat people, only I so far can dream of owning a menagerie of them. For now it&#039;s just me and my lovely, perpetual kitten Polka. :)


I&#039;ve been playing Role-playing games for over 20 years. I&#039;ve played a wide variety although D&amp;D is my favorite, I also enjoy Shadowrun and most Super Hero RPGs. I&#039;ve created my own world and have been expanding on it for 15 years. I&#03

Koray Birenheide

Hello there ^-^ My name is Koray, I&#039;m a long time writer and roleplayer. I use World Anvil to manage the world for my fantasy novel &quot;Aqualon, Rise of the Broken&quot; as well as my largest D&amp;D campaign setting (based on Forgotten Realms and


I&#039;m a college student. I love reading, writing (especially worldbuilding and yelling about characters,) singing, language study, debate, and swimming. International Studies major.

Ademal The Narrator

I am a professional software developer, 2-bit author, and aspiring artist using World Anvil to create a centralized Lore and Mechanics Codex for my ongoing project, a pen-and-paper Grimbright Sci-fantasy RPG set in the distant future. There are over 20 ra