The Ceylon

The Ceylon is my mother, my father, my freedom, my whole world ... she's my home. It's the two of us against the world and I wouldn't have it any other way.
— Duncan Hendricks, Captain of the Ceylon
The Ceylon is a Knarr Class Sky Freighter built by the defunct Grail Transportations Inc. just over three decades ago. The Ceylon was originally sold to Holden Cuylear; a brash young captain known for his quick time making the Veil Run between Ironrise and Nightfall. Holden's ownership would end when he was sent to Penance Prison for aiding unionist malcontents in the Iron Twist district of Ironrise. The ship was later repossessed by the Ironrise Bank and Trust where it sat for over twenty years in their store house. The outdated model was quickly forgotten by the bank until Duncan Hendricks happened across an old listing for the ship. He scraped together what money he could and took out a lone for the rest. He and the Ceylon have been together ever since, traveling from port to port, just them and the open sky.

Power Generation

R-Type Magna Generator


Resonance Ballast System and rear-facing thrusters

Weapons & Armament

None visible but one dorsal and one ventral Clockwork Gatling Gun. One concealed Resonance Rocket Tube (forward facing only)

Communication Tools & Systems

Standard Farspeaker system with illegal scramblers and fake transponders.

36 Meters
23 Meters
8.75 meters
1050 KM per Hour
Cargo & Passengers Capacity

Cover image: The Ceylon by Robert Mallinson


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