Storm of Iron

Outsiders ask why we don't just let Clocktower go, why we don't just give the machines this one city. It's because we know Typhon so well. It's because he'll never stop at just one. This war belongs to all of Spirel whether they know it or not
— Governor Amelia Prescott of Clocktower
War is a constant in Clocktower and those loyal to the Governor fight a never-ending battle to maintain the fortifications along their territory. All that keeps the renegade constructs at bay is their depthless courage and years of fighting experience. Heroes visiting Clocktower will often have to weather a storm of iron brought down upon their heads before they can go about their business here

Storm of Iron Stats
Side Quest Deck: Clocktower

Cover image: Storm of Iron by Phrixel Studios


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14 May, 2018 10:48

pretty sweet! I also enjoy the artwork a lot ^-^ "depthless courage" seems like an odd phrase to me though. See, you want to say that their courage is immeasurably deep, right? Depthless can technically mean that, but I would consider switching to "limitless courage" or, my favorite: "unbreakable courage".

14 May, 2018 16:10

Really glad you liked it, Koray! I'll take a look at switching out the language. Traveling around on vacation at the moment, unfortunately.

14 May, 2018 16:12

ohh, I hope you have a great time ^-^ Get lots of sun or snow, whatever floats your boat. I like both, but the first one only with a close-by ocean :P