Resonance Science

Resonance is the wings by which we will be carried to every far corner of Spirel. Though, despite the wondrous possibilities; I fear men will find a way to make even this dream into a nightmare.
— Loken Gainer, the first Prime Minister of Ironrise
The secrets of Resonance Science were unearthed by the first generation of Orphans when they awoke in the empty city of Ironrise. The principles and application of the science existed in the heads of some of the first Orphans. Just like today, some Orphans are found with strange knowledge and skills. The early citizens who simply came into existence had many such wonders locked away in their minds. Loken Gainer made sure to have these sciences recorded for future generations to study and improve upon.
And improve upon it they did. Innovators would use the science to give flight to heavy airship and aid in the construction and expansion of Ironrise. Airships in Spirel would become reliant on ballast-like generators to provide lift for their vessel. Force fields like those that surround the Governor's palace in Port Shatter were suddenly possible. Even Farspeakers, which allow people to communicate with each other across vast distances makes use of this science. All of this is made possible by analyzing the resonance frequency of objects and using the principles of this science to alter the mass of the particles that comprise the whole.
However, Loken Gainer was right. Men would find a way to turn this technology into a terrible weapon. Using oscillators and energy amplifiers and proper understanding of certain universal resonance frequencies objects can be shaken apart and things like armor plating would offer no applicable defense. The Resonance Grenade is perhaps the most well known and highly illegal weaponized application of this science. Men like Hugo Noble are experts in producing such weapons and happy to sell them for the right price.

Resonance Grenade Rose Sabbot


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