Little Lambs Lost in the Dark

One by one he takes them. He's been doing it for decades, maybe longer? He eats their minds, one drop of sanity at a time. He... finds them in their dreams. Their dreams are like lures that he follows back to our reality over and over.
Katherine Harrington going over the tattered pages of the Dalhman Codex
Ever since Nightfall was settled the region has been plagued with stories of madness, horror and death. The Veil of Darkness that surrounds the region is believed to be a passageway to another place: some say a dead world and others believe it's another reality altogether. The semantics are for scholars to debate but the common citizen must deal with the treats all the same.
There is an entity known as Mr. Ripperskin and it is inexorably attacked to the Legend of Black Road. The story varies from telling to telling but they all speak of a black, cobblestone road that sometimes appears in the forests outside Nightfall. Those unfortunate enough to see the road will often report seeing an old house in the distance, one blackened by an fire. They say there are strange lights, whispers and lost children there. A rare few even say they walked the road and once on its path all directions lead back to the road and to burnt house. The children that have gone missing, they all end up, with him. With Ripperskin.
Outside the home, the trees are covered in tattered strips of old, bloody skin. Legends say that flesh is like wet clay in Ripperskin's unnatural hands and that he pull it off in thin ribbons. There would be screams if Ripperskin didn't wipe away the mouths of his victims. No one has ever said they've been inside the house at the end of Black Road. Only Enarch may know for certain what happens behind those walls and if he has dared to look there is not doubt that he wept.
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