Let the World Burn

This life is on fire and no one is at the wheel! Ours is a world of chains! The only choice we really have is silent servitude or the bliss that only a clockwork pistol to your temple can bring! I want out of this world! I want out of this world! I want out of this world!
— One of countless doomsday street prophets in Echo Marsh
While many of the goals of Spirel's greatest Villains are mundane enough to be understood there are some that have embraced a different path. This nihilistic view is core to some like Dorian Loeb and The Prime Minister but anyone pushed enough to reach this level of depravity. If Nathaniel Masters's Kraken Network were about to fail he'd have no problem with setting the world on fire. Polly Plank or Millicent Shaw could come to the conclusion that the world needs to drown in chaos to be made whole.
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