Immortality Equation

Do not pursue the contents of this book lightly. The consequences are something you'll have to live with for a very long time.
— Warning scribbled on the inside cover of Doctor Quinton Key's Journal
Spirel is filled with depraved villains who thought they were immortal until some intrepid hero showed them otherwise. However, some villains have truly found the keys to eternity and true immortality is just within their grasp. Polly Plank is obsessed with her research and the means of perfecting the human form. Somewhere in the guts, blood and gore of her victims is the secret to life everlasting. Jefferson Swann seeks nothing less than an unholy ascension into godhood and believes powers of Oblivion can offer that. Millicent Shaw and the rest of her kind need blood to survive and the more potent the source the greater the longevity their death offers. Every villain hungers for immortality and Spirel offers countless ways to achieve that mad dream ... and countless innocent victims to trample over in its pursuit.
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