I'll Spare no Expense

Beautiful, aren't they? Don't let those colorful feathers fool you though. They're the finest killing machines nature has ever crafted. Faster than the top speed of most autocars and with a beak that could crack one open too. Marvelous creatures... truly marvelous.
— Roland Dyson, Owner of the Black Forest Menagerie
There are few places of true, unspoiled beauty in Ironrise but the district of Black Forest is one. It's a sprawling district filled with gardens, wealthy estates and of course the Menagerie. Its owner, the eccentric and very affluent Roland Dyson, has been adding newer and more exotic species to the collections there. The most recent acquisition comes in the form of a trio of Terror Birds from the plains far outside of Ironrise's borders. Dyson always throws lavish galas to unveil new additions to the Menagerie and plans are doing just that for his feathered predators.
The Menagerie's system of fail safes and enclosures are some of the most advanced forms of security in the city but they are prone to malfunction and human error just like any system. When that happens its up to the heroes of Ironrise to answer the call and help contain the escaped specimens before they cause any harm to the people outside the Menagerie's walls.

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Spare no Expense Front

Cover image: Clever Girl by Antti Hakosaari


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