Frontier Justice

Rare thing, true grit is. What I mean to say is that people willing to play for blood are few and far between. Not you though. There ain't a drop o' blood you ain't willing to wager with. Yours, mine, anyone that get's in the way. Me either. I'll sure as all hells miss you when you're dead. Now, fill your hands!
— Bohannan Doyle before drawing his Clockwork Pisols
The Doyle gang are the most notorious group of killers in the borderlands. They've defied every lawman, bounty hunter and Ram's men sent after them so far. In fact, the only authority they do bow to is Bart Stark and only until they can work up the mettle and the firepower to challenge him as well.
Spirel has been waiting for a Hero bold enough to finally take up the cause and hunt Bohannan Doyle and his gang down. The Doyle's have been terrorizing the borderland townships near Iron Reach for weeks now and somewhere up in that frozen wasteland is where they can be found. A final confrontation needs to take place and it can end only one of two ways. With another dead hero or Bohannan Doyle in a coffin. Spirel prays for the latter but that prayer has been unanswered thus far.
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