Doomsday Weapon

Arcomancer Strikes Again! Disaster in Talbot Hamlet!
— Headline from The Ironrise Chronicle
Spirel is a place of dangerous extremes and the lengths a villain may go to in order to enact their will upon the world is startling. In a world where life is already a cheap commodity, there are those willing to create weapons so destructive that casualties won't be measured in lives lost but in cities razed.
Scientists, scholars and theologians debate frequently among each other as to what the first known superweapon was. The faithful among Enarch's church will say that the massive beasts that live beneath the waves near Port Shatter are infernal weapons meant to punish this corrupt world. Scholars of history dismiss that idea as pure fantasy and instead point to the terrible Arc Weapons invented by Kraken's first leader, Marcellus Drennen. Their Arc Eradicator is said to have been built with materials that fell from the sky and into the deserts of the Scorch. There is no shortage of examples throughout history or modern days of weapons capable of ending civilization just as there is no shortage of malevolent souls willing to use them.
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Cover image: Doomsday Weapon by Crimzon Studios


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