Arc Science

Arc sciences were once a field of study that many promising young researchers hoped to commit themselves to. It seemed there was nothing this wondrous new energy couldn't accomplish. And, in that regard they were right. Arc science became the weapon that almost destroyed Ironrise.
The more nefarious applications of Arc Technology became apparent during the Great War when the terrorist organization known as the Kraken rose to prominence. Their leaders, Marcellus Drennen and Count Bolsivor Fenreng, both men of science and wicked ambition, weaponized Arc energy. After the war, when Kraken had been defeated, the pursuit of Arc sciences was forbidden by Pinnacle both in Ironrise and all of the vassal cities.
Yet, there are always those that defy the dictates of the Prime Minister for the sake of their own agendas. Many believe that Arc science was involved in the disaster that turned all of Clocktower's machines against humanity. Ironrise uses that incident as a cautionary tale to justify its ban. Certain individuals like Selena Cross and Maxie Burke continue to develop the technology so that it can be put to a better use. In Maxie's case that to assist her fellow heroes and give an edge to the labor unions try to fight back against the oppressive Prime Minister and his dog, Bennett Creedy. For Selena, she most just uses to rob people.


Arc energy's primary utility is that of a power source. It has an efficiency many orders of magnitude beyond more conventional sources. A rare and dangerous few have chosen to weaponize it into emitters that release fatal bursts in the form of lightening-like bolts.
Maxie Arc Cannon
Access & Availability
Arc science is highly illegal now. It is believed that the researchers in Clocktower incorporated a great deal of Arc technology into the Faden Forge and that is the cause for the sudden treachery that turned the machines against the city. By the order of Pinnacle, all research into this topic are punishable with permanent incarceration in Penance Prison
Mastering Arc Sciences is exceptionally complex because this energy doesn't behave like more mundane sources of power. It seems to originate from somewhere just outside of Spirel's reality and the devices crafted to harness it do so by "pulling it" from elsewhere and then funneling it toward some action.
Snippets of knowledge were found in the many ancient, alien ruins that dot the land. Remnants of its existence can also be found inside the metal shells of the Silver Ghosts.


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