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Saltcid, the Spire Spiders

The Saltcid are gregarious little spider people who look very much like large, colorful jumping spiders. Their fuzzy bodies can weigh between 25 and 35 pounds covered in a soft black or dark green fur each with  perfectly unique markings on legs and bulbous abdomen that have an iridescent effect. Saltcid are known to be curious explorers, perfectly content to poke around new places when not actively hunting for suitable prey. Also known as Spire Spiders they are naturally athletic with the ability to climb as fast as they can run on a flat surface and able to leap an impressive distance. Saltcid can also leave a thin silk drag line that can easily support their own weight should they slip and need to catch themselves.   The Saltcid have a legend about their origin: Long ago there was the Creator who loved spiders of all sizes. The Creator was powerful with magics and used his great magics to grow the Saltcid from their smaller cousins. At first, the Saltcid served their creator, but in time they began to question the Creators need for them to be servile.. instead, curious of the world they left him behind, finding Spire was a most agreeable and vast place to climb, explore and hunt. Some Saltcid chose to climb downwards and others chose to climb upwards.   Saltcid can communicate between each other using Semaphoric Dance which resembles the dancing of their lesser cousins yet has much more meaning and purpose behind the awkwardly graceful arm waving and side to side motions.

Basic Information


The Saltcid species are set up very much like their smaller non-magical cousins. Besides their unusually large size and sentient intellects (if somewhat hyperactive) Saltcids have slightly modified grasping digits on the end of each limb allowing them to grasp and hold objects similar to how a humanoid might while keeping their climbing abilities unaffected.

Genetics and Reproduction

Saltcid females can lay clutches of up to 20 eggs and guards the nest for months until the Saltcidlings are mature enough to cling to their mothers abdomen. Unlike their smaller cousins, Saltcid females survive to procreate again up to 5 times during their life cycles. Saltcid hatchlings as young as several days old are already capable hunters and climbers.

Growth Rate & Stages

Saltcids, after hatching, grow fairly rapidly, moulting several times before reaching full maturity within 10 years.

Ecology and Habitats

Saltcids mainly live in and on Spire and consider the Infinite palace to be their home.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Saltcids are mainly carnivores but are known to find certain plants and fungus to have mildly intoxicating effects in small quantities.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Saltcids have nearly 360 degrees of vision and sensitive fur which allows the Saltcid to feel it's way through tight spaces.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Saltcids have a complex naming system with lots of hard consonants, sibilants, buzzes, clacks of mandibles and other kinds of noises only an insectoid can make. This is often accompanies by the unique Saltcid dancing. A Saltcid meeting another Saltcid can take up several minutes to an hour given the name represents not only their given names, but their major accomplishments and personal world view. Most humanoids however either give a Saltcid a nickname or the Saltcid chooses their own name to be known by in the simpler non insect languages.

Beauty Ideals

Saltcids appreciate health and cleanliness amongst their own kind.. and to a certain extent in other species. Markings, richness of fur and strength of limb help.. But perhaps the most important aspect of Saltcid beauty is.. How do you dance?
Magicly modified jumping spiders.

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