The Curse Argenti

On occasion, it has happened that the gifs of Borra have found their way into the bloodlines of the lowland folk, when this happens most of the children of the union are not of the folk.    But such a child born under the winter moon is likely to be born with a silver tongue, these children are feared by the lowlanders and envied by the folk for they carry the gift of Borra in a way that no other can. When they speak their words wind around the minds of those that hear them, causing them to follow their instructions even to their own detriment.


The Curse Argenti, physically only affects the mouth and tongue of the carrier turning it silver.   Metaphysically it gives the carrier the supernatural ability to control others with their speech.


Depending on the culture that the child is born into there are two common treatments, the most common is to cut out the baby's tongue before it can learn to speak, leaving them mute for their life, often still shunned by most but allowed to live in the community.   The less common option is to such the child's mouth shut, so that it may grow up without its gifts and be given a chance to learn how to control them.    In even rarer cases the Borras-folk have been known to take in the children, and rumours suggest that there may be a comune of such children somewhere in the Borras valley.


Though not known to the people of spindle The Curse Argenti, is a powerful divine gift, a remnant of the old gods. When the blood of Borra mixes with that of another race the potential is unlocked, and should the child be born under the light of the winter moon, the ancient symbol of Savoat, Borra's lover, a long-dead blessing is called down and bestowed on the child.
Extremely Rare


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