Janika's Compass

"I'm telling you the woman who gave it to me said it would lead us right to some crazy oasis in the desert where a genie would grant us wishes! She said the only catch is that once you have made your wish you have to pass the compass on"
  • Unknown man overheard speaking to a group of friends at The last drink Inn, Dinrakis.
  • On Spindle, as with in many other lands, if something sounds too good to be true then it almost defiantly is. Janika's Compass is one such thing.   The compass will without fail find its way into the hands of someone down on their luck. They will find it on their person and vividly remember the beautiful woman who gave it to them, she tells them it will lead them to an oasis hidden deep in the Vu'Ko'Tin where a Genie lives who grants the wishes of any who find it.   As with all the best stories this is at least in part true. The compass will lead them to an oasis hidden deep in the desert, but there is no Genie there looking to grant their wishes. Rather they will find Janika, the woman who gave them the compass, and at this point, their fate is sealed.    Janika is a god, trapped here, she touched divinity upon finding the oasis and became a god, but a god with no worshipers loses its power quickly. and so she used much of her power to create the compass, it brings people to her, worshipers. young and desperate men and women. some of her victims are lucky, a big group can sustain her for years just with adoration, but eventually, she will need more, and at that point she will take them and absorb their life force, sucking them dry, leaving them a Hollow.


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