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Year 2790 of the New Era

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It was born out of darkness, out of the unknown void that will mystify countless stargazers in the eons to come. With no proper frame of reference, all knowledge and understanding of the true nature of existence came from conjecture and faith.   Some, like the Masters of Philosophy and the members of the nobility, were taught that it was the Gods that made this world, and wound it with threads of magic to help them craft an unfathomable tapestry in the unknown void...and thus, the world was known as the Spindle. Others, tend to disagree quietly when they believe they aren't within stabbing distance.   In a world with five major continents and two major archipelagos, chock full of kings, emperors, and merchants wearing funny hats, the wellbeing of commoners were not high on their list of priorities. In this world full of wonders and opportunities as countless cultural rebirths came and went, and gave rise to a new systems of political administration that threatens to sweep a continent under the watchful eyes of a menacing overseer.   With important discoveries and knowledge that would revolutionise the world separated by incalculable swarths of ocean and land, and the mercurial whims of sovereign rulers. It is unknown what would be cost of progress.