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The Kintamba

The city of Kintamba is situated on the most north-westerly point of Bakra'a, the Kintamba is the fortress that sits atop the mountain jutting into the sea.   The Kintamba is built atop the twin mountain peaks of the Tamba Mountain from marble quarried out of the dessert floor, requiring each block to have been carried up the mountain slope. No mortars in the world can fire to such an elevation as the Kintamba, and only catapults and ballista existed at the time of its construction so the walls did not need to be high. The castle keep is still a marvellous piece of masonry and would be intimidating to an army facing it on level ground.   The mountain is over a thousand feet high and looks across the entrance to the Great Divide. The prevailing winds across the mouth mean that any shipping wanting to sail out of the Great Divide, or wanting to reach the western ports of Evergard, such as Epspor and Sev, have to hug the coast of Ehry'kinae. The winds bring the vast majority of shipping into reach of the guns of the Kintamba.   The guns that are now mounted on the Kintamba are capable of firing at a target a mile from the coast, although it is no easy feat. By the time the cannonballs reach the sea they are travelling straight down, any ship that was hit would be obliterated by the shock wave that would splinter through from top to keel. Ten cannon are mounted on each side and the mathematicians who calculate the protectories re more than capable of making those odds work. Any merchant vessel wanting to run the straits of Kintamba have to pay the toll.


Built in the Ehry style, the fortress and keep are made of sand-marble. With beautiful geometric carvings adorning the stonework.
Alternative Names
The Highorn
Acropolis / Citadel

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