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Paxton Pattern Flintlock Musket

First established during the War of the Eleven Leagues by Thomas Crucible, of the Marinian Royal Armoury in Paxton, the standardised pattern for a flintlock musket was a crucial factor for the Marish victory.   Crucible based his methods on those already in use by the artisan weaponsmiths in Candador. He established set measurements for the muskets parts; allowing increased production rate by the manufacturers, as well as less difficulty for the soldiers with supply and maintenance issues.   The pattern musket is kept under lock and key in the Marinian Royal Armoury, even the variation muskets (such as the carbine and naval designs) are based on this original musket.   The .75 calibre musket was 57 inches in length with an effective range of over 150 yards and a trained man could hit a man 30 yards away three out of four times. The cartridge was ripped open and the powered poured into the muzzle before ramming a .69 calibre ball down the barrel. Although repetitive use would gradually clog the barrel and make it more difficult to load, an experienced soldier was easily capable of firing four rounds per minute.   Originally made iron and walnut, the design was effective and reliable. The Paxton design has since been improved on to use brass components for the ramrod and plating. A standard infantryman’s Paxton Pattern Flintlock Musket weighs in at 9 pounds. A nineteen-inch bayonet can be fitted to the muzzle to allow the musket to be used to ward off cavalry attacks. Early designs proved flawed, including plugging the bayonet into the muzzle, but the current design utilising a socket has proved itself time again in the close quarter fighting that is commonplace on modern battlefields.   There is a common story amongst the rank and file of the Marish, that Thyorn raid on Tavlan was fended off by a young maiden with a Paxton Pattern Musket. When the men returned from their fishing trip they found the maiden sitting on the corpses of a dozen raiders smoking a pipe of rumsha leaf, her oiled and primed musket on her lap. The name of the Smoking Sally has stuck ever since.   Outside of folklore the Paxton Pattern Musket was pivotal in providing the Marinian Army the firepower to defeat the rebellious Leagues in the later half of the war.


Manufactured in 107 separate pieces, all machine stamped, before being assembled by an assembly line. Over a thousand muskets can be produced in one day by the Marinian Royal Armoury.
Thomas Crucible
Access & Availability
Service musket of the Marinian Army, with variations in common use by the Marinian Navy and other services. The pattern musket has since been adopted by most other industrial nations.
Necessity for a musket that could be mass produced and that could be fielded without issue.

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