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Hunnhur Architecture

Despite the Hunnhur tundra being scarce of supplies and building materials, the architecture is of a beauty to rival even the most majestic temple's of Giit.   The rafters are carved into swooping, smooth curves or models of the animals the materials are harvested from. A visitor would struggle to find any sharp edges or points on a Hunnhur structure; the Hunnhar appreciate the flow of the wind and the circle is a powerful symbol in their work.   Multiple stories are constructed in the more elaborate buildings, and the prayer towers, with the edges worked seamlessly into the overall structure. The towers resemble the appearance of the cairns found on the mountain paths to help travellers find their way.   The woodwork is almost completely covered in decorative carvings. Weaving patterns and scrolling scenes trail from one piece to the next. The tusks of walrus and whale are made into fine embellishments or crucial buttresses, but all are sculpted into works of art.

Purpose / Function

A dwelling place for the isolated lodges and hamlets of the Hunnhur hunters od the northern Evergard tundra.


Hunnhur structures are made primarily from carved fir and pine, whale bone and antler horn. The structures are rustic but with an astonishing attention to detail.   Pilings are driven twelve feet into the permafrost as a foundation for the lodges. Loadbearing vertical posts will be made from stout timber or hard whale bone. Where bone is used the building will take a naturally arched appearance. This arch is utilised and sought in the architectural style. The roof beams and lintels will be made in a smiliar fashion and again smooth curves and arched edges are desired.   The walls will be made of two parts with a space inbetween for insulation. Stuffed into the hollow will be straw or reindeer fur to further insulate the interior from the freezing temperatures outside.   The roof is typically made of shingles, prefereably cedar where the wood grows abundently. Otherwise the roof will be constructed from whatever resources are available; hides, planks and it has even been known to see pine thatched rooves.   Interior furniture will be made from wood and bone, bound with rope woven from sinew and melk mane (due to the scarcity of iron for nails). Fixtures such as candalabras and hanging hooks will be crafted from horn. Rushlights are made in the summer to be burnt in the long, cold winter nights.   Windows made from horn will let light into homes of the wealthy. The windows will be circular and high, preventing easy access to the bears and other hungry carnivours that prowl the harsh land.   Staircases will be spiraled to be aesthetically pleasing, and climb as high as needed from the centre of the house. upper floors will often feature a catwalk with a balcony. All rooms are open plan.   Hearths are vital to the survival of the Hunnhur, and they would be the only part of the building constructed from stone, formed into an arch that that extends up to form a chimney.
Alternative Names
Hunnic Homestay

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