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Crawling through darkness out of the marshes of the Urlen, Greidarog oozes through the cracks in the walls of homes to disembowel children as they sleep.   Greidarog menaced the towns and villages of the Urlsa hills in the 3rd Century After Darkness. Many grieving parents reported finding their children in bed opened from oesophagus to anus. The crimes are genuine and the reports can be seen in the Olde Ledgar in Url. There was never any sign of forced entry, no sign of a struggle. As if the young spritelings were enchanted by some pacifying spell before being torn in twain. All reports also found that the child had been troublesome, and that only the day before each case did multiple witnesses see the child commit mischief that landed their parents in unprecedented bother. In twenty-six of twenty-seven cases the parents were found guilty of heinous and perverse crimes and sentenced to death. In only one case was their evidence to suggest the parents were innocent; the child was found encased in fresh clay, of the high quality extracted from the Urlen. Each of their organs placed at the foot of the bed in a crude earthenware bowl.   The ordeal was enough to make most of the parents become drivelling and mad. The mother of the final victim was questioned extensively, but all she would say was "da Greidarog."   Many stories and myths sprung hp surroundings this unheard of creature. Its link to river were clear, as well as to the clay-panners and potters. But other, more speculative, traits were assogned to the creature; it was a leftover from the Days of Darkness; it was a troyl; it had a body of clay and eyes of black diamond, talons hard as stone and sharp as broken pottery tipped each of its fingers; it was a child of Zarax. The Greidarog transformed over the centuries, becoming less of a threat and more an old-wives' tale. The foreman on the river works will threaten slackers with the Greidarog. Mothers tell their misbehaving children to go to bed, else the Greidarog will come. Some go as far as to pry at the walls to make access easier for the beast, striking fear into the heart of any snotty brat; not that the Greidarog needs things making easier.   Those who still know the truth about darkness pay more heed to the terror in the night, known in the Urlsalands as Greidarog.

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