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Frospherir is the land of eternal winter, at the very north of Spheria Gardia.   It is an endless plain of ice, snow and frost. The white landscape blends into the white skies, driving the desperate insane. It is an unhospitable land where no animals roam to feed on, where the infinite amounts of water are locked in ice, rendering it useless to a man dying of first.   Because of the tilt of Spheria Gardia, there are periods where parts of Frospherir see no sunshine for months. It is truly a land where hope dies quickly.   Only one reason can drive explorers to continuously attempt to cross this region: the Source. A mythical fountain that spills from the top of the world, the origin of all life on Gard. The spring is said to gush forth from a volcano and therefore creates a place of lush greenery amongst the frozen waste. Nobody has ever reached the North pole, as far as records go, and there is no tangible proof that such a place exists. Yet maps uncovered from before the Age of Darkness display such a place, and so cartographers since have copied it.


The ice cap floats atop a freezing cold sea, a sheet miles thick in some places. It is hard to tell if the snow rises or falls, or if it is just the sapped energy of the explorers making the terrain appear to grow more difficult.   The Source is said to contain lush and fertile lands below a single volcanic mountain.

Fauna & Flora

There are plenty of cold-water fish in the seas around and under the ice. There are legends of larger beasts that prowl above and below. Ancient maps show images, however it is unclear if these are fictional.   Migrating birds will rarely venture as far north as Frospherir. The ice isn't home to any known species of plant.   If the mythical land of the source exists as described in the histories; there are trees that bear fruit the size of cannonballs and flowers that smell as sweet as a baker's shop.

Natural Resources

No mineral survey's have ever been successfully conducted on the Frospherir.
Included Locations

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