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A regular sight in any port of the Great Divide, the Carvak is the merchant's ship of choice.   Largely unchanged in sixteen centuries, the single mast carvak provides reliable speed with plentiful storage space to follow the trade winds around the Divide. The ships are carvel built with high freeboards and large beams. Most boast some form of stern castle to provide shelter for the crews and some means of fortification against pirates.   It is regular for carvaks to be organised into companies; providing additional safety both for the crews and the sponsors. The shareholders will each provide the funds for one fully crewed and provisioned carvak, then the fleet of carvaks will set out to do the Eclipsys run. The additional numbers will provide safety against any attacking pirates, especially against the light bdu'sas of the north Bakra'a pirates. And if any ships are captured the financial losses are spread across all sponsors. The same applies for ships lost in storms. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to find an adequate captain, in most companies at least, as if the ship is lost to the rocks the forfeit is entirely on the captain's sponsor to make up. Usually the sponsor will do this by seizing the value of losses from the captain's family.   The most famous of all companies is the Eclipsys Merchant's Union. Established in 1614 by three merchant associates, it quickly gained funds to expand due to a succession of favourable events, including the Pirates War and the end of the Pirates War. Carvaks flying the three barrels can be seen throughout the Great Divide.
Typically works on the ratio of 1 yard of beam for every 4 yards of length.
Most commonly between 27 and 36 yards from bow to stern.
From keel to freeboard is usually a height of 12 yards, the mast adds an extra 16 yards.
Reliable speed with the wind, dead in the water against the wind.
Complement / Crew
Anything between 4 and 12 men.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Can carry large amounts of cargo or a company of men.

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