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Boglamb Moss

Boglamb Moss grows abundantly on the continent of Evergard, it can be found in most bog and marsh lands.   It is a spongy and moist moss that clutches to submerged roots in small clumps. The smell of it is strong and sharp, Boglamb Moss is inedible and grazing animals must be kept a close eye on.   Although most physicians in Evergard don't hold much stock in old tales, old wives and men of the wilds know the folklore surrounding Boglamb Moss. In days of old, shepherds would use the moss as a bandage for their sheep, aiding when naïve lambs took cuts and scrapes from the landscape, shearing, or even wounds from wolves. The clumps can be applied straight to the skin as a dressing where the pulp will secrete an antiseptic tonic. Complimenting the antiseptic property, the moss itself will help staunch any bleeding.   There are some herbalists of the mountain tribes that believe Boglam Moss to be a gift from Dheades, as it has saved so many lives.   More recently it has saved the lives of many of the resistance fighters who attempt to stem the tide of the Coranimi Empire. The Marish folk are only recently rediscovering the life-saving potential of this indiscrete moss.

Basic Information


A mesh of web like strands. Can grow to be a few inches across. The strands hang from roots to absorb minerals from the moisture around them.

Growth Rate & Stages

Growth is slow but steady, as strands break from one clump they can find suitable places to colonise and will soon spread. Never seems to overpopulate an area, only grows enough to become self-sustaining.

Ecology and Habitats

Needs a moist environment to gather minerals to survive.
Conservation Status
Most people do not even know this moss exists, although they have likely walked right past it.

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