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Zenik Sollertis

Zenik Sollertis

Zenik Sollertis, as far as he himself is concerned, is a stranger in a strange world. Having come from somewhere beyond reality by means he cannot even fully comprehend any longer, he is an alien being in every sense of the word. He misses his home ,even if he has trouble articulating what his home was, but so far, his search for a way back has been fruitless.   In the meantime, which so far has been several ages, he has set himself up as a skilled and infamous pirate captain, plying his trade across the azure seas of Marcalido. He is brutally efficient, but without malice. Ships that surrender their cargo without a fuss is allowed to leave with their lives. Those that do put up a fight should expect to get one it return.   In battle, Zenik uses the armaments of his mechanical walker to full effect, shredding enemies with bullets and blasting them with cannon balls, switching for specialized ammunition if the fight becomes tough. He also has considerable psychic powers to use, with which he can puppeteer the weak willed and induce agonizing migraines in others. He can also affect physical objects with telekinesis and command allies with telepathy. All in all, he has plenty of options to draw upon to turn the tide.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Zeniks blubbery shape belies a great strength, usually demonstrated by him biting limbs off anyone who challenges him to a fight. He's also far more durable than he might seem, his rubbery membrane and aberrant physiology allowing him to survive otherwise grievous blows. He's a lot faster than he used to be and can move his body around with telepathy, though he is still a bit on the slower side.

Body Features

The amount of information Zenik has absorbed has caused his body to swell and he is much larger than his fellow overminds, something that only earns him more respect from them.

Special abilities

In order to facilitate quick communication, Zenik learnt to use his natural telepathy to translate the meaning of any thoughts his picked up. This eventually allowed him to translate any language spoken by a sapient being, which he often uses to serve as translator by transferring the translated speech mentally to his allies. As Marcalido is a watery planet, Zenik's biology eventually began adapting, allowing him to process oxygen from water. He himself believes a steady diet of fish, which are rich in fat, helped this change come about.

Apparel & Accessories

Wears a monocle over his left eye.

Specialized Equipment

Rides an enchanted steam-powered walker. It's equipped with a number of techno-magical gadgets, including a forcefield generator, cannons, rotary cannons, protective plating and other features, some of which are his own creations.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

In 2114 AIT, the being that would eventually be named Zenik stumbled through a brief fissure in existence, their form quickly settling into shape as reality imposed its laws. Confused, dazed, their memories making no sense, he they were lost on an island in Marcalido, alongside several others of their kind. They would end up spending the next few years there, surviving off local animals and fruit.   In 2117 AIT, they were picked up by a passing crew of sailors from the maritime nation of Pezine. They noted what seemed like giant brains hovering around the island and got curious enough to dare investigate.   They and their fellow beings began using their talent for mechanics and calculation to earn money in Pezi, eventually taking the name Zenik Sollertis just so people had something else to call him but the brain. He began saving up money from jobs he took, which he invested in a number of mechanical walkers that could carry him and his fellows around a lot faster than their own psychic hovering.   Everything changed in 2348 AIT with the arrival of the Luz de Guia, who initiated a bloody crusade to claim the lands of the heathen Pezine. Zenik fought on the frontlines, using his own skills and his crew to give his side every advantage he could come up with, but the Luz de Guia was too powerful and what remained of the Pezine navy had to retreat, abandoning their ancestral home.   To survive, the admirals and commanders of the navy, including Zenik who had earned his command of a ship during the war, began raiding Luzde Guia supply shipås and passing merchants, becoming pirates.   After years of good work helping the survivors form the pirate nation of New Pezi, Zenik set out with one goal in mind. To find a way back to his and his crew's true home. He chased down rumor of sightings of aberrations like himself, but to his disappointment he often only found individuals just as lost, confused and bereft of answers as himself. Most of these were invited to join his crew. They became one of the most infamous on the seas of Marcalido.   This almost came to an end when he clashed with rival pirate captain Kazeq Scarhide in a sea battle that almost saw both pirate crews sent to the decks. In the end, battered, bruised and wounded, the two pirate captains agreed that joining forces was better, with Scarhide agreeing to become Zenik's first mate. With his crew thus strengthened, Zenik's infamy only rose accordingly.

Gender Identity

Through association with other species, Zennik came to feel that he was most associating himself with being male.


Doesn't possess much sexuality himself, but has found that he can enjoy the sensations other experiences by linking his mind up with them. He can best be described as pansexual, since his partner's gender identity or biological sex has absolutely no meaning to him.


If Zenik ever had a formal education, he has no clue about it. But his ability to eat brains and process teh stored information has allowed him to learn many things in short amounts of time.


Zenik is self-employed as a pirate. He also partakes in administrative duties in New Pezine whenever he's around.

Accomplishments & Achievements

In 2422 AIT, Zennik returned to his original point of arrival Fucking Island(So named because Zennik usually referred to the place as 'that fucking island') and over the course of many seasons, built Fort Sollertis, which would become his crew's base of operation. He also redubbed the island Mindspring Island, not that everyone chose to use it.

Failures & Embarrassments

In 2634 AIT, Zenik attempted to steal a hoard of magical item from a roc. Suffice to say, the great bird managed to fight off the wannabe thief and Zenik gained grudging respect for divine forces.   In 2993 AIT, Zenik was outwitted by a relatively simple ruse set up by the Luz de Guia pirate hunter Xabier Molinero. What had seemed to perfect target turned out to be an ambush and the pirate crew barely managed to escape with their lives, their ship barely holding together. To lose their pursuers, Zenik was forced to flee out of the sphere and seek refuge in the Kingdom of Suqara in order to repair the damages.

Intellectual Characteristics

Zenik is super intelligent, his brain capable of precisely processing a multitude of equations at once. He has near perfect memory, which has been greatly expanded by his consumption of memories. His willpower is strong, a necessity for fueling his psychic powers. He's keen eyed and analytical of his surroundings, quickly reacting to changing circumstances. He's also skilled at finding out exactly how and what to say to get people to act how he wants, depsite his often brusque manners, treating social interactions like another puzzle to be solved.

Morality & Philosophy

Zenik has no qualms taking what he wants, unsurprising for a professional pirate, but has no need for bloodshed and violence if it can be avoided. He has a soft spot for the homeless and destitute of society, seeing something of his own situation in them, and has been known to give money to or outright hire such people.


Depriving someone of their home. Suffering from strong pangs of homesickness, Zenik considers robbing someone of a home to be almost worse than killing them. He never robs people of more than he believe they can survive on and despise people who renders others without a place of their own.

Personality Characteristics


Zennik misses his home dearly, even though he barely has any idea how to describe it or how he accidentally left it behind. His primary goal is to find a way back home, though he's starting to feel conflicted about it, as he's also come to care for his crew and is pretty sure he could never bring them along with him.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Zennik is deceptive and know how to pull the wool over someone else's mind, having spent enough time rummaging around people's brains to know how easily they are tricked. This also translates into a great societal insight and Zennik s usually aware of exactly where he need to go and who to talk with to get what he wants. His has a will of unyielding steel, which lends him a laser focus that is not easily distracted. He's observant and sharp-eyed, with few things escaping his notice. He has acquired a vast array of information, which he can easily call upon at a moment's notice. Centuries of pirating has made him quite experienced and he's infamous for a reason. In combat, he likes using his teeth to crack open the skulls of foes to absorb their knowledge.   On the other hand, Zennik is often stumped by more esoteric forces of the world, such as the power of spirits or the divine, which can easily get the better of him. While tough and with a strong bite, Zennik has no limbs to speak of and is reliant on his walker or telekinesis to do most things. He's disconnected from nature, being wholly unnatural himself, and he feels the effect of that whenever he's in the wilds. He barely understands how other races' bodies function and relies upon his ship's doctor to get them back in shape rather than try to fix people himself. While having fought foes for many years, it has still only been so many of them and he can often still be surprised by the skills and capabilities of unknown enemies. This is how he almost lost everything to Kazeq back in the day.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes learning, oceans, his crew   Dislikes incompetent leadership, homelessness, having to talk instead of using telepathy

Virtues & Personality perks

Loyal, occasionally generous, acts without cruelty

Vices & Personality flaws

Impatient, temperamental, arrogant in regards to his intelligence


Only agrees to dunk himself in water now and then because Kazeq insists it's good for him


Family Ties

Kazeq Scarhide: First mate and lover Nundu: While they aren't entirely sure how, Zenik and Nundu know they are related in some fashion. Their best guess is that they spawned from the same mastermind, making them siblings.

Religious Views

Has respect for the gods, insofar as they are very powerful beings, but doesn't outright worship any of them

Social Aptitude

Zenik's social aptitude lies in his ability to figure out what makes people tick and how to use that to manipulate. Still, his crew knows that he can be kind and caring towards them, even if it is hidden behind a gruff exterior.

Hobbies & Pets

I nhis spare time, Zenik likes tinkering and making small mechanisms, like clocks, to keep his skills sharp. He's also a voracious reader.

Wealth & Financial state

The majority of his wealth is invested in his crew, his current residence and his personal library. Most wealth he acquires is invested immediately, with only a percentage kept for unexpected expenditures.
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Captain: As leader of his crew and owner of his ship, this title comes rather naturally. Pirate Admiral: Official title granted by New Pezine. Most of the time, purely a designator of his importance and skill in the pirate society. But it also means he's allowed to form a fleet and lead it, though Zenik rarely sees the need to do so.
Date of Birth
Year of Birth
2114 AIT 879 Years old
Current Residence
Mindspring Island(Formerly named, and informally still known as, Fucking Island)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pinkish, wrinkly membrane
Owned Vehicles
Known Languages
Booden: Before he learnt the ability to translate language through telepathy, he had to learn the language of Pezine manually. It's an experience he does not care to repeat. Far Tongue: Zenik is fluent in the odd, mind-bending tongue of wherever he comes from.


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