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SiisrrsiiS FyaayF

(a.k.a. Sirsi Fay)

SiisrrsiiS FyaayF, pronounced Sirsi Fay, is a little delutional warlock with a predelection for angering those she should not. She accomplished most of her insults through the songs she has written.

Sirsi Fay, a Study

"Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, out of the fire and into the fray."
"Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, terror by night, hero by day."
"Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, black and corrupt when her conscious is weigh"
"Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, most devious warlock if I do say."
"Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, powerful magic, evil made pay."
"Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, walks through the fire, but always okay."
"Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, rides into town to a hip hip hooray."
"Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, heart of an angle and soul of a jay."
"Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, out of the fire, it burns higher and higher. Out of the fire and done for the day."

The World is Bleeding

"The hills are alive with the sounds of dwarves bleeding."
"Their skulls are thicker then their blood."
"Their corpse and bodies shall rot."
"Their honor shall dwindle to naught."
"Their lives could surely have been bought."
"But Sirsi Fay could never be fought."
"The woods are alive with the sounds of elves bleeding."
"Decades and centuries put to waste."
"Their meirth and their wit is now gone."
"Their souls depart with the dawn."
"Their bodies lie strewn on the lawn."
"Battle with Sirsi Fay could never be won."
"The hoods are alive with the sounds of men bleeding."
"Their blood fills the lakes and the streams."
"They thrive under cold, over heat."
"Accomplish industrial feats."
"And while they may try to cheat."
"Sirsi Fay could never be beat."
"The prisons are alive with the sounds of halflings bleeding."
"As brave as they are tall."
"Never afraid to do wrong."
"Their lives shall not last long."
"For as they charge into the throng."
"Sirsi Fay knocks them out with a bong."
"The skies are alive with the sounds of dragons bleeding."
"Their wings, they block out the sun."
"Ingured by the slightest slight."
"Magic fire with the power of flight."
"They give even gods a fright."
"Even they lose to Sirsi Fay in a fight."
"The Heavens are alive with the sounds of gods bleeding."
"Great power exchanging hands."
"For even they do fear."
"When the little warlock does leer."
"For the demons and devils do chear."
"When Sirsi Fay strikes them down with her spear."

SiisrrsiiS FyaayF don't take him away

Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, please don't take him away.
Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, please don't take my love away.
Your completion is truly fair, with luxurious lobes of auburn hair, with opals for eyes and teeth of white.
Your skin is like hammered copper, mind as sharp as a knife, when you smile you make men's lives.
Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, please don't take him away.
Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, please don't take my love away.
It's supported by all clues, Sirsi gets the man she does choose, for not the gods can stand in her way.
You'll get your pick before all's done, but my heart belongs to one, Sirsi Fay don't take away my life.
Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, please don't take him away.
Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, Sirsi Fay, please don't take my love away.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Nearly anorexic, gaunt, scarred, but quite durable.

Body Features

Pale, with hair of medium length. Long nob-shaped nose. Indefinite body shape

Physical quirks

Right handed except when casting spells. Always tries to go in the right direction and be the second, fourth, sixth, etc. to do things.

Special abilities

Warlock magics

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to a gnome family in the Feywyld, Sirsi was always different. Unlike other gnomes, Sirsi talked allot, and loudly. Her parents moved towards the outskirts of their gnome village as a way to protect Sirsi from public attention (drawling attention in public is near to criminal for gnomes). A year later, Sirsi, her parents, and nearly her entire village were kidnapped by formidians. The wretched one eyed monsters took the gnomes to their tower stronghold where they tortured Sirsi and the other gnomes. By day Sirsi would feel nothing but pain as the rack dislocated her arms and legs. One turn pain, two turn the pain stopped. At night she was placed on the roof looking at the stars wondering how many were out their. She hoped against hope that there was an even number. Eventually her arithnophobia manifested itself so that she was glad when the formidians would take her from the room, and she would scream when they put her there for the night. The formidians even stopped torturing her after a while because the stars would do that job for them. Several months of pain and a group of elven adventurers heard of this tower of torture, and came to liberate it. When the formidians knew that they would lose the tower, they started to kill their prisoners. Only Sirsi did they spare because the thought, "This one will be more of a pain to the elves alive then dead.". The adventurers slew the formidians, but were shaken at the thought of all of the prisoners but Sirsi having died because of them. They took the broken mind of Sirsi back to the elven court of Corellon where they hoped to heal her mental wounds. Sirsi did eventually regain some manner of sanity, but she was still dillusional. The adventurers let Sirsi play with the pixies that lived on the outskirts of the elven city. One day Sirsi can back and told them that she was s pixie, and playfully the adventurers agreed. Since then Sirsi has believed that she WAS a pixie, and became very sensitive about her height. Sirsi did not stay in the court of Corellon forever. The elven adventurers took her to the upper world where she joined a party of new adventurers, and the rest of her story is history, or will be...

Gender Identity

Sirsi only really uses "I" or "Sirsi Fay" to describe herself. She would never refer to herself as a 'she' or a 'her'.


When an individual is tortured into insanity, any desire to reproduce is lost, especially when the individual is an egomaniac.

Mental Trauma

Arithnophobia, and monophobia are Sirsi's greatest fears. She also suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which has caused her to fear stars and the night sky.

Intellectual Characteristics

Sirsi is very clever when it comes to the ability to manipulate others. She has some musical gift, but her horrible singing overshadows this.

Morality & Philosophy

Sirsi is chaotic evil. She cares more for herself them she does for other. She fears order because of its unity. She is playful, not dangerous, but when she gets scared her morality leaves her and a strong will to live takes its place.

Personality Characteristics


To best the mortals, and ruin the immortals.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Great in speech. Bad at normal people things like opening doors, siting in chairs, making good choices, etc.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes Sirsi Fay. Dislikes anything having to do with odd numbers, especially one.

Virtues & Personality perks

Clever and charismatic

Vices & Personality flaws

Narcissistic and merciless.

Personality Quirks

Left arm twitches when Sirsi is scared.


Always Is impeccably clean. Is also a vegan, and disdains the smell of blood. Tears into bread and vegetables like a beast.


Contacts & Relations

Sirsi has few friends. She is often said to be cursed. While generally distrusted, Sirsi is a rather brilliant warlock.

Religious Views

Sirsi secretly worships Vecna in the hope that the god of secrets will enlighten her about the source of her magic. She cares little for any of the other gods. She fears Ioun's wrath at her worship of Vecna, but is absolutely terrified of Sehanine.

Social Aptitude

Sirsi is rather charismatic for a arithmophobia and monophobia suffering eccentric. She does speak rather insultingly, but her charisma overcomes her ego.


Sirsi often uses the race of an individual rather then a name or title when talking to them. She also tends to call people "puny mortal" or "puny immortal". Sirsi is fond of singing insulting and offensive songs about the races she is either talking to or fighting.


Extremely high pitched voice. Oft to begin a sentence with "I'll have you know..", "You puny mortal..", or "You puny (insert race here)..". Often says "Luceat siderum" in combat as a warlock's curse. Also says "Sidereum de se luceat," when odd numbers come up, particularly one.
Chaotic Evil
Current Location
Year of Birth
39 P16 61 Years old
Black orbs
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
38 Ib.
Quotes & Catchphrases
  • "I roll for bluff!"
  • "It is not what you CAN'T do. It is what I CAN do that counts!"
  • "I'll have you know that you are nothing without me and I am everything without you!"
  • "Not a one, anything but a one!"
  • "Bad things come in ones. One Demon Prince of the Undead. One Tarrasque. One Sirsi Fay... Ignore the latter."
  • I would like to say that things could be much worse, but wouldn't want to scare you.
Known Languages
Sirsi understands elven and common. She can innately communicate with small animals and can probably have more meaningful conversation with them.

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