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Volcanic, mysterious, magical, the planet Sphereous is orbited by a large moon locally called the Far Realm. It has three well explored continents: Giantrem, The Pack, and the southern Sands. Under these three continents there are three hypo-continents called the Shaddow Fell, the Feywyld, and the Underdark. P.S. it is a variation of the D&D universe in which magic is science. Action in Sphereous is based around the land of World's Senter. World's Senter is a land of heroes, but not a land for adventurers. For one hundred years, the cities of Minosminstrous, Rhodeopolis, the Scab, Silverweb, and the Axefall cities have not had any quarrels. That all changed with the rise of the Demon Dragon.....

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