The Waystone universe is pervaded by the quantum force known as magic, a power which allows living things to bend the laws of nature to their whim. Somewhere in this universe, a verdant terrestrial world whirls around a small yellow star, populated by a vast array of creatures we would label as mythical. This is the planet Sphaera.

Sphaera’s three continents, separated by a global ocean, are climatically and biomically diverse. In the northern hemisphere lie the continents of Arokha and Eren, whereas the southern hemisphere is dominated by the titanic continent Sikano with the immense tropical island chain Thalassaterria to its east. Scattered across the planet are ancient monoliths known as Waystones: technomagical relics of the long-fallen civilization that seeded life on the surface of Sphaera untold eons ago.

Legends say that, if approached, a Waystone may grant a person knowledge and power if it deems them worthy, but these tales are written off as fantasy. That is, until a message from deep within the stars rouses the stones from their eternal sleep...

— Waystone introductory blurb

Waystone is an adaptation of the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition tabletop RPG system, developed specifically for the world of Sphaera. The main campaign is centered around the waystones: mysterious monolithic artifacts scattered across Sphaera which were constructed eons ago by the harpies who settled the planet.

Lore Basics

Sphaera is atypical for a fantasy world thanks to its more scientific base. Its magic functions differently than many other RPG worlds, as does its theology and cosmology. These inherent differences are reflected in the Waystone system’s mechanics.

Lore In Brief

Millions of years ago, a lifeless desert world was chosen as the laboratory for an experiment that would span generations. This project, called CINDER, was run by two species: harpies and karura. They rendered the planet habitable and seeded specially- engineered life on what would come to be called Sphaera. Alas, halfway through the experiment, the civilization which birthed it was attacked by a mysterious enemy, and society on Sphaera crumbled to the stone age. Yet their relics persisted, ever dormant.

Long after the Collapse, the descendants of CINDER developed tools, society, culture, and civilization. They dreamed up gods, built monuments, fought wars, and slowly came to globalization. Now, the eyes of Sphaera are turned skywards once more, and many suspect the Waystones and the other relics to be their gateway to the stars.

Quantum Magic

Many fantasy worlds portray magic as a mysterious mystical energy, be it extra-planar or innate. Sphaeran magic, by contrast, is fairly well-understood. Magic is an element of quantum physics which modifies the other fundamental forces. However, it must be generated and directed to be useful; “enchanting” is limited and magical items must include a psionic battery of some sort. Spells are not required; while mages may record their techniques for others to replicate, most magic is improvised.


The Waystone universe is devoid of deities, living or dead; the religions of Sphaera are almost all entirely constructs of their parent cultures. The technical exception to this are the Ypervanians, beings from the far future who are scientifically advanced enough to manipulate spacetime with extreme precision. They typically do not interfere with the matters of their past, but sympathetic Ypervanians may grant pleas on occasion- this is how the Cleric path feature Divine Intervention works.

Creating a Character

To create a Waystone character, first choose your species, class, and path. Keep note of the stats these choices affect, and how they affect those stats. When choosing your path, pick only ONE of the path feature options given at the first tier. Once you have made these selections, pick two additional skill proficiencies and distribute your extra vitals points to MP and SP. Lastly, choose your starting gear: two weapons (or one weapon plus a shield) and a set of armor. Gear is entirely optional, but recommended.  

Waystone Leveling

When your character acquires a certain amount of experience, they gain a level. Every other level-up event bestows the character with an increase to their vitals, proficiency bonus, and ability scores according to their class. At certain level intervals, a character has the opportunity to choose a special ability granted by their path.

23 + CON3 + CLASS+1
34 + CON4 + CLASS+2
44 + CON4 + CLASS+2
65 + CON5 + CLASS+3
76 + CON6 + CLASS+4
86 + CON6 + CLASS+4
107 + CON7 + CLASS+5
118 + CON8 + CLASS+6
128 + CON8 + CLASS+6