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Dowager Duchess

Duchess (Dowager) Lilliana Henrietta Golubogo Drakona (nee Stoneson)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Very slender, and keeps herself that way. Her hair flows mostly unchecked to her waist, only pinned back for royal court appearances. Very healthy and fit, but as she relies on others to defend her, is not combat ready.

Body Features

Grey metallic scales

Physical quirks

Right hand dominant

Apparel & Accessories

Fine clothes, manufactured silks and tafettas. Lilliana likes to wear the Saphire Tiara, an inherited symbol of her family

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity



Straight? Possibly not...


Lilliana was educated on the planet Erastmus, mainly in politics and culture. This is a traditional expectation for female Therialians to be gifted in politics and civic duty. She attended a finishing school on Eira where she completed a decorum course, making her a very powerful, female in Therialian society and politics.


Lilliana is employed in the cultural arena, having various civic engagements within the Therialian society on the Hub. When the Duke was alive, she was mainly conducting social events in the Castle of Golubogo Drakona for her peer group, or fundraising for the war effort. As her youngest child was under school age, she was expected to limit her engagements to cater to his upbringing until school age. Domestic duties frustrate her.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Her marriage formed a strong allegiance in the dukedom and affected social life in the kingdom. If she didn't love her husband, no one could tell. She performed as a dutiful wife and mother and patriot. The marriage produced four sons and two daughters. Only the youngest son survives. Lilliana has raised the greatest amount of money to put towards the war effort. She came first in politics in her age group class on Erastmus, but she doesn't broadcast this achievement.

Failures & Embarrassments

If the Dowager Duchess has had any failures or embarrassments, not many know of them.

Mental Trauma

Not much is known about her early life before marriage. She was distantly related to her husband, and some say the marriage was one of convenience. Some experts could argue that she has a narcissistic personality.

Intellectual Characteristics

Very intelligent, without being intellectual. She has a practical and strategic mind, and conceals it in company, realising that standing out is not the greatest idea in the long term.

Morality & Philosophy

Lilliana lives by the family motto, To the Strongest Go the Spoils. The end justifies the means, and she plays long game tactics especially in her personal life. People who are weak deserve to be trampled. Not that she shows this outright in public. She plays up her feminity and attractiveness and likes to have power over males if possible.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Self control, and diplomacy. She likes to appear the perfect example of Therialian womanhood. She is always well presented and feminine.

Vices & Personality flaws

Secretly driven to desire power. She wants to claim the Throne on behalf of the Dukes of Golubogo Drakona or destroy the monarchy trying. She seems harmless and vulnerable but she isn't.


Family Ties

She is the mother of Avis

Social Aptitude

Confident in her people skills, extroverted and sometimes flirtatious. Loves to flatter and not beneath blackmail and bribery to get her way.


Dowager Duchess

Mother (Important)

Towards Avis dom Golubogo Drakona



Avis dom Golubogo Drakona

Son (Important)

Towards Dowager Duchess




Avis is the youngest son of the late Duke and Lilliana and the only child with blue scales. He is the only surviving son of the family and her least favourite. She prefered her eldest over all of her other children. After evacuation, she and Avis settled in the royal estate on the Hub where she promptly agreed to have him educated with the princess and fulfil his destiny as her bodyguard. She abandoned him to his destiny and moved on with her life.

Wealth & Financial state

Very wealthy with property throughout the Spectrix universe, and perhaps further afield.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Duchess of Golubogo Drakona, Dowager Duchess
Current Residence
The Fortress, located on the Hub
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Knows many spoken dialects in use in the Spectrix universe, and she is fluent in their use. She has no use for languages that have fallen out of use.

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