Federal Republic foundation



Being a small minority, countries against greater centralization could not resist pressure from other countries who had been campaigning for a total overhaul of the confederation since the discovery of the wormholes. The negotiations that were underway for the partition of Venus are then reoriented with the aim of negotiating and ratifying a new constitution. These lasted about a year, from may 2199 to April 2200 when the text was officially adopted by the Confederation. The new constitution will completely transform the old outdated Confederacy government by the creation of multiples federals institutions like the senate. Greater centralization which will give it much more powers such as colonization, the creation of the planetary level which will begin to render the countries on Earth and Mars obsolete as well as allow the colonization of Venus which was endowed with its own planetary government. The government of the Moon will be merged with that of the Earth, having very bad press and the Moon having never really recovered from the loss of its status as a commercial hub between Earth and Mars with the discovery of the Star Drive. All of these changes will also lead to a name change of the Confederation, which will be renamed Federal Republic. However, it will be necessary to wait for the reforms of 2273 and 2375 to see the government that we know today.

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