Constitutional Reformations

Political event


This period marks a major constitutional reform of the Republic under the presidency of Carlos Perez. The latter will see the creation of two new order of government that are the sectors and the metropolitan areas to relieve the federal government. This reform was made necessary because of the expansion of the Republic therefore obliging the creation of an intermediate governmental level between the federal and planetary levels. Indeed, the Republic had reached a stage where it had too many planets for only the federal government to manage their problems. The creation of metropolitan areas are also made necessary to standardize planetary management and make it simpler. Another change is the removal of countries that had survived so far on Earth and Mars for the sake of stardartization. Indeed, the fact that these countries do not have the power of colonization and that they have been deprived of powers by the creation of the planetary order of government has taken away most of their political powers. In addition, except Earth and Mars, no other planets that have been colonized by the Republic have this additional order of government. This is satisfied with the planetary level which can delegate powers to cities. The creation of additional levels of government, namely sectors and metropolitan areas, would make this particularity of the Earth and Mars more handicapping than anything else. It is therefore decided to remove this level despite the opposition of these said countries, they can not do much because they are literally alone against all. Indeed, the Intendants of Earth and Mars are for this constitutional amendment to gain more powers as well as the Intendants of all other planets and the Republican rulers. These constitutional changes will finally make it possible to clearly establish the powers of the four orders of government that we know today. On the other hand, many agencies and registers were created during this period to ensure better administrative management of the Republic and ensure compliance with federal laws.

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